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Top Travel and Tourism News

Known as the “Golden Land Route," these tours also take in Mt. Fuji, the majestic symbol of Japan, and Kyoto, the historic capital of Japan.

Latest Travel and Tourism News

Take a look at their fun behind-the-scenes "kulitan" in the Lion City.

Ken Chan, star of the Kapuso kilig-serye, "Meant To Be," shared some of his personal photos shot in Singapore. 

One thing that a traveler in a hurry or a first timer can appreciate about this city is the fact that many of its picturesque spots are close to one another.

After the controversial tourism campaign of video the Department of Tourism made it to the news, a foreign vlogger has created a US $100-worth tourism video for the country.

Hue Hotels and Resorts brings urban chill to tropical Puerto Princesa.


For Filipinos who grew up watching James Bond films, Russia is a land of mad scientists, twisted generals, alluring assassins and crafty counterintelligence agents.

The TPB’s concept of best tourism practices is being refocused on community development as our marketing priority,” says chief operating officer Cesar Montano.

The restoration of a 400-year-old historical landmark in Barangay Victoria was recently completed.

Here are three mountains that offer a hike and a little something extra. 

Amarela is a paradise on earth. Blessed with a mesmerizing setting, Amarela resort is situated on top of a gentle slope with an expansive view of the cascading sea and surrounded by lush vegetation.

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