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Taiwan isn't like Hong Kong (with farming), Korea (without Innisfree), or Japan (without Don Quijote), after all.

Latest Travel and Tourism News

Or eight days of music, processions, dancing, bullfights and fireworks in Pamplona.




Antipolo is steep in myths and legends. And high above its hills is a place where folklore and reality cohabit the Pinto Art Museum. The museum is a home to Philippine contemporary art and a shelter for artists from all walks of life.

It’s hard to imagine that this sprawling farm estate, with lush greenery surrounded by verdant forests and lulled by cool mountain air, would need any transformation. But our hostess explained that it wasn’t always this way.

Amid challenges facing the tourism industry, the Department of Tourism (DOT) claimed in last week’s budget hearing that the country’s tourist arrivals increased by 12.7 percent in the first half of this year.

Malolos is one of those places you’ve always heard about but never been to. Or, if you have, it’s probably a long time ago on a school trip back in high school.

Journey to Kyushu and find out what surprises await. Is it a robot preparing Japanese pancakes? Is it a museum built for the bravery of Hidden Christians? Is it a cluster of hot springs once believed to be entrances to hell? Dig these areas of ramen, ropeways and jigokus that inspired ‘Dragon Ball Z.’ 

Harlan + Holden gathered a few people from your neighborhood and gave them the ‘lightest’ experience in the shoes of true blue Londoners to realize how to be your best self, one step at a time.

The country’s only all-steel church of San Sebastian in Quiapo, Manila will accommodate selected students for a free in-house guided tour of the renowned Minor Basilica.

When in Greece, eat like a Greek islander. Mediterranean diet is not only healthy, it’s delicious, too!

Like a lot of people, I dread airports. I hate queuing up and I hate the thought of losing my luggage or losing my sanity because my luggage mistakingly ends up in Timbuktu.

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