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A retired Indianapolis fertility doctor accused of inseminating patients with his own sperm will serve no jail time after pleading guilty Thursday to charges that he lied to investigators.

Latest Health And Family News

National prevalence of Vitamin A deficiency among children under five was at 20.4 percent; while anemia was found to be higher than 15 percent. 

There are various negative triggers attached to Christmas.

Carving out his own name under the shadow of a popular father and a popular older brother would have been hard for UAAP Season 80 Finals’ MVP Thirdy Ravena had it not been for their unwavering support.

Perfect skin is defined as a seamless organ, like fine cloth.

Venus Williams is one of the most prominent tennis players of this era, having achieved essentially everything there is in her sport, but she keeps on going!

As I have said repeatedly I have an aversion to chemicals because of the adverse effects they have on the liver, kidneys, and on the total system.

So, you’re done shopping for toys for your godchildren, whether they’re naughty or nice? 

“It’s much easier to put up a company than it is to become a mother,” Georgina said.

'It' girl Georgina emphasized the value of having a car seat, and not just for vanity.

To shed light on controversies like the dengue vaccine, the president of the Philippine Foundation for Vaccination enumerates the vaccinations needed by everyone - from womb to tomb.

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