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To make the most out of summer, families aim to experience as many outdoor activities that they can.

Latest Health And Family News

According to scientists, mucus and booger are good for the health.

What is robotic surgery? Is it an operation on robots? Is it an operation done by robots? Or is it an operation done by a human surgeon who is as stiff as CP30 (the Star Wars robot)?

Aging, according to Dr. Cecilia Catapang, is one of nature’s least understood processes. 

How come only a miniscule less than 1 percent is investing in stocks?


This summer, increased sun exposure leads to aging and depletion of collagen, the building blocks of protein and the skin’s main structure that is also found in the eyes, heart, kidneys, tendons, ligaments, liver, and even in stomach and hair. 

‘When I’m stressed and I feel my blood pressure will go up, I stay home. I catch up on my reading and spend time with my wife.’

What you don’t know won’t hurt you — it could kill you.

Anna Marie Periquet glides into the room like a graceful ballerina that she is.

Let’s talk about mental health, a topic so taboo for so long, few will admit they’ve ever had to deal with it.

Basketball is king in the Philippines and the sport continues to thrive year after year.

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