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Think about this: How many times in the past three months have you gone out with friends and colleagues for a night of partying or drinking? How many hours have you spent browsing the Internet? How about consuming junk food or fast food? 

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Some of the lessons I learned from the woman who inspired and influenced me the most.

Look here: Did you know that not a lot of Filipinos are aware of the importance of basic eye care?

It’s so heartwarming when your article gets so much attention, and that’s exactly what happened when I wrote about our National Underwater Hockey squad.

Not all your delicates need to be handwashed.

Here’s to strong women, may we know them, may we be them, and may we raise them.”

The venerable old acacia trees on Acacia Lane are going, going, gone. The city government of Mandaluyong has started the process of earth balling them, supposedly to be moved to a better place — hopefully, not a hospice for sick and dying trees or a cemetery for dead ones — to make way for the city’s “sidewalk rehabilitation and improvement project” on Acacia Lane and F. Ortigas Extension.

FQ cutie 1: Christa Borja joined Miss UK Philippines to earn her vacation ticket!

I have known Golden Bear president Tess Arvisu for about 15 years now, mostly praying together as members of one spiritual household. In that span of time, I saw her worked on her weight.

Watching the TV coverage of International Women’s Day on Wednesday night last week, Christopher asked, “Is there an international men’s day?”

Golf is a really difficult sport to master — as far as I’m concerned, it’s THE most difficult!

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