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Do you love pasta? Are you a fan of cream-based sauces? If you answered yes for both, then here’s a hack to make your favorite dish even yummier: use milk to boil your pasta. 

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Faced with competition from online shopping sites that offer promos, discounts, and the promise of fast delivery, appliance stores nowadays must shape up to keep up.

To celebrate the Wellness Month this July, two sportswear stores have opened, offering more choices to those into active lifestyle.

S Maison, the 62nd mall of Filipino mall chain SM, was recently feted by the Prix Versailles World Architecture Awards at the Unesco Headquarters in Paris for design excellence in Interior Spaces, South Asia and the Pacific Shopping Malls category.

If you think of personal style as a journey — one without a fixed endpoint because our tastes are always evolving — then maybe that’s one reason Michael Young named his watch company Undone.

Light, modern, and practical — just like Gal Gadot's costumes for "Wonder Woman," the same philosophy drives Filipino fashion label Weave.

"I think the skinny jeans is ending its reign," New York-based fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff said in an exclusive interview with

This year, Penshoppe steps up by introducing its new mobile app. 

Even shopping malls are turning into public art galleries, where independent artists can express themselves, and where mall goers can discover more about Filipino heritage through art.

Celebrating their motherhood, a group of celebrity moms, who fondly call themselves the “Baby Barangay,” treated themselves to an ultimate mom squad retreat – a day of fun and revelry, shopping, and great food.

Every mom deserves to be celebrated, whether she is a certified homemaker, a power executive, a fashion-forward femme, or a seasoned traveler.

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