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What happens when two design stars come together for a project?

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‘Although we do allow dogs into Aracama, in my (near) future resto, there will be a small menu for dogs who come with their  humans,’ says chef Fern Aracama.

Throughout the holiday season, you can give your four-legged family members some royal pampering. Whether you want gifts for your own furbabies or for a friend or family member’s pet,  Bow & Wow offers a wide array of quality product finds.

‘When Richard arrives, the dogs get restless,” says Lucy Gomez. ‘They don’t do that for me.  He kisses all of the dogs first and then he comes inside and kisses me.’

When we ask Carla Abellana’s boyfriend Tom Rodriguez if we can take a photo of Bubbly the Yorkie with Carla and him, he says, “NakakahiyaGaling ako sa gym.”

‘In reality, most models are down-to-earth, funny, crazy, the most matakaw and most caring people one could ever meet,’ Tweetie says. ‘Yet, no matter where my life took me, caring for dogs is always something I have to do.’


Dog and cat lovers recently celebrated Halloween with their furry friends in the “Pet Express Petrifying Trail: Pet Costume Party Year 7” at the SM Mall of Asia.

‘A dog is not a thing — it is going to be part of the family. You have to want a dog and care for it.’

GoT’s Jon Snow on his Iron Throne, Miss Universe on her float and some Mexican hombres are just some of the characters at the Scaredy Cats & Dogs event.

Taking a walk out in the park or neighborhood with your furry companion is a great way to provide social activity, help your dog stay healthy and prevent obesity.

It’s best to make sure that the pet ownership costs you'll have to shoulder won't to eat up your funds for more important things—like your own food.

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