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Does China have a claim over the Philippines’ Panatag Shoal and Benham Rise? Perhaps, the old maps on display at the ongoing “Mapping the Philippine Seas” exhibit of The Metropolitan Museum of Manila (MET Manila) have the answers.

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Perhaps you’d like to start with the axe?” asks a little girl in the world of The Nether.

Full regrets for being unable to make it to a performance of the doomsday rock band The Black Vomits last March 5, a Sunday, at a snazzy venue in Paseo de Magallanes.

Because of my new administrative duties at the University of the Philippines, I was able to join the UP Writers Workshop for only two days this year, but it was time enough to make a wonderful discovery in the person of a Filipino-American writer whom I had never met before but whose voice, I predict, will resonate more loudly in the years to come.

More than just a fundraising fair, Art in the Park is an avenue toward sustaining and promoting culture and the arts.

Here, both seasoned collectors and students on a budget can buy the works of the country’s celebrated artists — which may come in the form of paintings, sculptures, or even P50 stickers.

Lascañas might have read and been influenced by the poet Emily Dickinson, who endowed some words of her arbitrary choice with such typographical power.

My wife Beng likes movies like ‘Hidden Figures’ and ‘Sunday Beauty Queen’ where strong, smart  women are smiling as the closing credits roll.

In some instances, artworks are curious chronicles of obsession, depicting society’s mania for finer things, or telling of a painter’s decades-long personal fixation.

We all need summaries, good ones, of everything out there. We simply don’t have the time to slog through every document that comes our way in this information- saturated age.

The additional, grand perk prize for the winners of the 10th Bright Leaf Awards for Agriculture Journalism was a four-day jaunt to Bangkok last Feb. 15 to 18. As a regular feature of the prestigious awards established by PMFTC, Inc. a decade ago, a trip to an Asian city caps the rewarding experience of becoming a Brightleafer.

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