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The Japanese have produced some of the most moving films in the history of cinema, wherein an undercurrent of raw emotion is often the driving force that animates a scene, where horror lurks in common corners, and death is hardly something eluded by its characters, but rather the subject that sets the story to vivid life.

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Unlike Chopin who drew attention to the percussive characteristic of the piano,’ Debussy, says pianist Francois Chaplin, ‘wrote music to forget the sound of hammers hitting strings.’

Over most of the 43 years that we’ve been married, Beng has learned — not without some resistance — to resign herself to being introduced as “the wife of Butch Dalisay” (whatever that means).

Last March, a photo exhibit at The Oarhouse Pub of Manila featured documentation of the consequences of EJK operations.

Here are some crafting ideas and materials in the fair that could inspire you and your kids to get into crafting as a therapeutic and fun way to learn and bond.

A waiting Independence Day last June 10 at Leon Gallery’s “Spectacular Midyear Auction,” Ang Kiukok’s “Fishermen” became the most expensive Philippine artwork ever sold in the country.

The topics range from early forms of Philippine writing and wartime ‘Mickey Mouse’ money to 16th-century Visayan warriors and the origins of the kundiman.

The last time I sobbed to myself, meaning in solo mode, was at Las Vegas in September of 2006, while on a Philippine STAR assignment to cover Willie Revillame’s Wowowee show that drew 14,000 Pinoys to the Thomas & Mack Center.

Starting to feel the pressure of a looming deadline?


To equal the playing field between big and small businesses, DTI aims to empower SMEs through sustainable fairs.

The following are ways on how Filipinos bring out happiness and unity amid diversity.

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