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Filipino-American artist JEFRË was commissioned to design the crown for America’s Miss World 2017.

Latest Fashion and Beauty News

Top model Bella Hadid has been chosen as the new face of a Filipino fashion brand.

I’m pregnant now and it’s my first baby. My skin has been sensitive to beauty products and I need to switch to milder body products.             

Frost yourself,” that fictional ad campaign from an early 2000s rom-com, can be pretty accurate — jewelry can be cold.

There are countless details to attend to just to ensure that one of life’s most memorable events will stand out.

Made in the Philippines, these three women are truly aspirational examples of Filipino determination, ingenuity and talent.

After winning the Best Design in Sustainability award last year in New York Now (NY Now) with her “Nature is Gold” clutch, Ann Ong — the designer known for her intricate gilded pieces that merge the organic with the opulent — reveals an equally whimsical piece for this year’s entry. In a few days, she heads to the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City to unveil her latest clutch, “Sustainability for a Better World.”

Who was it that said, “It’s not what you look at but what you see”?

Traditionally, men are the watch geeks — the buyers and collectors of grand complications and statement timepieces — but Swiss brand Patek Philippe, noting a recent shift, is coming on strong to the distaff side of the market.

Tommy Esguerra and Kaila Estrada, models and two of the new ambassadors of SMYTH, SM Youth’s new sub-line, share tips to bring more fun to millennial fashion.

Although it will be months before Ellen Adarna hits 30, she already has a simple birthday wish, and it is not about having a love life.

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