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One of Manila’s prettiest women — turned Italian resident, Mai Mai Cojuangco is back with a project close to her heart: Demetria, a highly exclusive collection of bags she designed for Rica Lorenzo’s Idée Clothing Store, and they mark a new stage in Mai Mai’s life.

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That Benetton ad is forever etched in our minds — that of a young, beautiful Mai Mai Cojuangco clad in a colorful striped Benetton shirt and jeans sitting cross-legged on the floor.

If I were to make everything fit in a small makeup kit to carry me through a two-week trip, what would these essentials be?                                  

Athleisure, much like a masked horror movie villain, just won’t die. But it makes sense. If my own Instagram friend-feed is any indication, there is a focus on fitness and wellness that is undeniable, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere.

Sneakerhead? Check out four sneaker innovations that can complete your summer #OoTD.

I’m seeing this big trend in lip kits, which feature a liquid lipstick and lip liner. Is using a lip liner really important?

Ah, summer. Nothing compares to the fun of frolicking under the sun, by the sand and sea — that is, until you have to face the natural consequences of a weekend of unprotected abandon: freckles, sun spots and darker skin.

Beautifully made jewelry speaks for itself and that is exactly what one notices with Bulgari’s latest style  for the newest B.zero1 Design Legend.

There was something organic about a lone tree standing in one of the lounges at the recent Art Basel in Hong Kong — almost mythical, even.

Inside the Audemars Piguet Collectors Lounge were a few landmark watches created by the brand.

You don’t go to Pantelleria, Italy, for the beaches.

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