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If there was a place in the Philippines that I had always wanted to visit, it was Ilocos.
Bambanti. It is the Ilocano word for "scarecrow."
This month of love, the following bites and treats might help you fulfill your heart's (and your gut's) desires.
George Clooney made a special appearance at the official ribbon-cutting for the recently opened Nespresso Boutique at Power Plant.
Marriott Manila's signature fine-dining restaurant Cru Steakhouse opens its doors for Sunday brunch, offering unlimited steaks and, for the first time, children are welcome. Previously open only to adults for dinner and with a strict dress code, Cru on Sundays is more laid-back to cater to families wanting to bring their Sunday brunch out.
Celebrate Valentine's Day in the comforts of your home with dinner trays for two paired with wine from nawwTy's Kitchen.
Do you want to eat like royalty?
James Marsden, who rose to stardom by playing Scott Summers or Cyclops in the "X-Men" films, visited Manila on February 6 to mark International Scotch Day on February 8.
Do you have a one-of-a-kind story about how you found your destiny? Do you have a heartbreaking tale that led to self-worth and love? Or do you have an unforgettable moment with your parents that you cherish?