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The time you have to spend at each trip can be diverted to doing other activities for work or leisure. Honestbee, the Singapore-based app that has recently launched its services in Manila, can help save you that time and effort with just a few swipes and clicks.

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Check out these new offerings for foodies and #foodporn.
Sheridan Street in Mandaluyong is still under the radar: It has a gym, doughnut chain, coffee shop, and is home to TV5's Media Center. But aside from those, the short stretch connecting Shaw Blvd. to Pioneer Street is a typical mixed-use area full of offices and residential condos.
When Robinsons Land Corporation (RLC) opens a new mall in the province, it tries to incorporate local elements of the region in its design to make sure the culture and heritage of the city are fully embedded in the establishment.
Chef JP Anglo's Sarsa makes street food-inspired dishes, all delicious.
Emack & Bolio's and Berde Bowls reflect the Zobel siblings' passions.
Dr. Boy Vasquez's successful foray into home cooking-style food continues with Irving's All-Day Dining, right beside Café Juanita.
Zimmern said he has been telling people for years that Filipino food "will get more and more popular."
Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to witness the launch of Gout de France by French Ambassador Thierry Mathou, to celebrate French gastronomy as the only cuisine recognized by UNESCO as world heritage.
Two years ago, Nicole Olbes Fandino approached me with the idea of a neighborhood grocery that would carry all the healthy products from her favorite vendors that she buys for her family. For many reasons I declined being a partner.
Nespresso revealed plans to open a Nespresso boutique here by December, and rolled out its snazzy line of home Nespresso machines that will definitely make the morning caffeine ritual a whole lot brighter.