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'Bed' weather diet: Rainy day treats, recipes to try |

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'Bed' weather diet: Rainy day treats, recipes to try

Kathleen A. Llemit -
'Bed' weather diet: Rainy day treats, recipes to try
Chefs Gerick Manalo and Hazel "Cooking Ina" Anonuevo share tips on how to easily cook delicious yet complicated recipes. Chef Gerick taught participants to cook the Herb-crusted Salmon with Truffle Bechamel Sauce while Chef Hazel gave tips on how to make Corn Chowder extra special with a serving of pan-seared chicken.
Mega Prime / Released

MANILA, Philippines — It can be intimidating to cook with recipes that feature a lot of terminologies and require ingredients that are not familiar. It does not have to be the case, said Chefs Hazel "Cooking Ina" Anonuevo and Gerick Manalo. 

The two celebrity chefs/food content creators headlined Mega Prime's first-ever "Prime Mom Club: Kitchen Masterclass" held recently. 

Live guests at The Mets Place Makati and online viewers were taught the basics in cooking and how to prepare well-plated hearty dishes. 

Known for her lively personality and unfiltered banter, Chef Hazel gave a lecture on basic cooking techniques as well basic sauces that anyone who wishes to cook must know. 

After the lecture, she demonstrated how to perfectly sear chicken and stew a creamy corn chowder with her recipe called Corn Chowder with Pan-Seared Chicken. The recipe is a timely dish for the upcoming "bed" weather days. 

Chef Gerick, meanwhile, put the live guests and home cooks at ease by guiding them step-by-step on how to perfectly sear juicy salmon, the main ingredient of his recipe, Herb & Garlic-Crusted Salmon with Truffle Bechamel Sauce. He is strict about searing salmon in all sides for 45 seconds to a minute. Anything beyond this time will result to a dry salmon. It was a breeze for most to prepare Bechamel sauce, which was earlier discussed by Chef Hazel, as Chef Gerrick again guided the cooks on how to stir the sauce to its desired consistency. 

The Mega Prime Kitchen Masterclass is the first post-pandemic on-ground event for the brand. 

“We’re very happy to welcome back our Prime Mom members to an on-ground event. We’re excited to get everyone involved in many activities that will empower them to prepare even tastier and more nutritious dishes for their loved ones,” said Chris Fernandez, Mega Prime Marketing Director.

Try to recreate the following recipes at home:

Herb & Garlic-Crusted Salmon with Truffle Bechamel Sauce

Main Ingredients:

  • 2 salmon fillet (2 x 6 inches)
  • Mega Prime Premium Garlic Bits 200g
  • Mega Prime Whole Mushroom 
  • 425g parmesan cheese
  • Fresh dill 
  • Fresh parsley 
  • Onion 
  • Chives 
  • Truffle oil
  • Salt and pepper (ground) 
  • Olive oil

Bechamel Sauce:

  • 1 tbsp. unsalted butter
  • 1.5 tbsp. all purpose flour 
  • 1 cup whole milk
  • Salt 
  • Truffle oil
  • White pepper

Cooking Instructions:

Mushroom Tapenade (from scratch):

  1. Saute finely chopped onion, garlic, thyme and mushrooms in butter for 5-7 minutes until soft. Add gin and cook to reduce. Cool.
  2. Using a food processor, blitz mushroom mix ith olives, walnuts, capers, chopped parsley, lemon zest and juice, anchoives, and a big glug of olive oil to form a chunky tapenade. Season with salt and pepper. Chill to serve.

Truffle Bechamel Sauce:

  1. Prepare a roux: in a saucepan on low-medium heat, melt butter in a sauce pan and once melted add flour.
  2. Stir constantly for about six to eight minutes until the mixture takes on a smooth, liquid paste-like texture, and should be light brown in color.
  3. Add 1/4 of the milk and let boil for 30 seconds, and then mix vigorously.
  4. Slowly add the rest of the liquid until the mixture is well-blended.
  5. Add white pepper.
  6. Add 3 tablespoons of truffle oil. Mix well.
  7. Let simmer for 2 more minutes on low heat.

Green Pea Puree:

  1. In a pan, saute Mega Prime Green Peas with chopped onion until fragrant then add chicken cube. Break and mix well.
  2. Add water and salt. Bring to a boil.
  3. Blend using a hand blender until smooth.
  4. Pass the mixture through a sift and let it cool.

Green Peas Sauce:

  • Mega Prime Green Peas 155g chicken cubes
  • White onion 
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Oil


  • Lemon
  •  Salmon
  1. Using a mortar and pestle, pound garlic bits and parmesan cheese until incorporated.
  2. Add finely chopped dill, parsley and onion chives. Mix using spoon.
  3. Lightly season the salmon with salt and pepper. Set aside.
  4. Sear salmon (skin side down first) 45 seconds to 1 minute each side. Non-stick pan is required.
  5. Wrap with foil (top open)Spread mushroom tapenade on top and dredge with garlic parmesan mixure.
  6. Bake for 3-5 minutes at 170C.
  7. Plate the salmon according to your liking. Create patterns like a line by using the back of the spoon and spreading the green pea sauce across the plate.
  8. Place the herb-crusted salmon on top of it. Serve and enjoy. 

Corn Chowder with Pan-Seared Chicken

Main Ingredients:

  • 1 tbsp. butter
  • 1 strip bacon or 1 teaspoon bacon fat
  • 1/2 large yellow onion, chopped (about 3/4 cup) 
  • 1/2 cup small diced carrot
  • 1/2 cup small diced celery
  • 1 can Mega Prime Whole Kernel Corn/Cream Style 425g 
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 4 1/2 cups milk
  • 2 medium potatoes, peeled and large (1-inch) diced (about 3 cups) 
  • 1 tbsp. salt
  • 1/2 tsp freshly ground black pepper 
  • 1 breast chicken filler
  • Olive oil 
  • Garlic powder
  • Paprika powder

Cooking instructions:

  1. In a large sauce pan, soften the onion in the butter.
  2. Add the Mega Prime Whole Kernel Corn, broth, potatoes , and garlic and bring to a boil.
  3. Cover and simmer for about 15 minutes or until the vegetables are tender.
  4. In a blender, puree the soup until smooth. You may use immersion blender or hand blender.
  5. Add the cream. Season with salt and pepper.
  6. Add broth if needed.
  7. Garnish with parsley.
  8. In a cast iron pan, over high heat, quickly sear the chicken, skin down, on each side.
  9. Season with salt and pepper.
  10. Immediately place the chicken in a small bowl with the cooking fat.
  11. Ladle the soup into bowl and sprinkle with parsley.

Heartwarming soups for the rainy days

Customers can just add P139 for Sinigang or P159 for Nilagang Baka or Pochero when they dine in. This month, Max’s also just added Pocherong Baka on the menu, which is perfect for cozy days. This flavorful soup is a fusion of Pocherong Bisaya and Pocherong Tagalog cooked the Max’s way. Each sip gives that warm feeling just right for rainy days or any time craving hits.
Photo release

Max’s Restaurant, the iconic Filipino restaurant chain famous for its Sarap-to-the-Bones® Fried Chicken, is making its Solo Meals more inviting and comforting for the rainy season by adding a selection of heartwarming soups for a warm and soothing meal. 

For each Solo Meal that already comes complete with a range of rice, beloved viands and Caramel Bar, guests can choose to add a solo serving of any of the following:

  • Sinigang na Tiyan ng Bangus: The signature Pinoy tamarind-based soup composed of milkfish and a mix of vegetables in a sour and savory base. Customers can also choose the version with miso for more mouth-watering umami.
  • Sinigang na Baboy: An all-time favorite soup composed of tender pork cuts and a mix of vegetables in a sour tamarind broth. It’s enjoyed both on ordinary days or special occasions.
  • Sinigang na Hipon: A hearty soup made with sumptuous shrimps, a variety of vegetables, in a sour tamarind broth. This is an absolute treat for all shrimp lovers.
  • Nilagang Baka: A locally-loved soup dish made with chunks of beef, cabbage, string beans, potatoes, and corn. It’s the ultimate comfort food that never fails to bring warmth. It’s served with patis, calamansi, and siling labuyo.
  • Pocherong Baka: Classic Filipino tomato-based soup composed of beef chunks, fresh potatoes, saba, corn, and green vegetables. It comes with patis, calamansi, and siling labuyo.

One order is already good for sharing and priced at only P759 (dine-in). To enjoy these new offers, visit or call 888-79000 (Metro Manila). These are available for dine-in, take-out, and delivery in all stores nationwide. 


PizzAmerica party

July 4th may have passed but it's never too late to celebrate with Domino's PizzAmerica pizzas.

Savor the timeless taste of Domino's all-time best-seller American bacon Cheeseburger Pizza and try their new New York Buffalo Chicken Pizza and California Franks Pizza.

Domino's via Facebook

Kenny Rogers Roasters brings back Chimichurri 

Kenny Rogers Roasters is bringing back its famous Chimichurri on the menu – not only on the Roasted Chicken but with more meat selections this time around.
Photo release

It’s not a throwback but a big comeback as Kenny Rogers Roasters is now offering seven meat options into the mix, customers with different preferences are surely covered. Apart from Chimichurri Roast, guests can also choose from their famous Ribs, Premium Steak, Burger Steak, Burger Bun, Schublig Sausage, and Fish as protein options.
The Argentinian taste of Chimichurri sauce is a blend of freshly chopped parsley and cilantro, with a kick of garlic, spices, and a hint of zest. It’s a fun and delicious Chimichurri Festival everyone will surely savor and feast! 
Since July 18, guests can taste Chimichurri in their Kenny Rogers Roasters favorites, which can be enjoyed whether solo or as a group. Kenny’s Solo B plate (starts at Php290) comes with a portion serving of their choice of meat with Chimichurri sauce, two side dishes, rice, and a muffin. Group Meal (starts at Php1,025) comes with a whole serving of their choice of meat with Chimichurri sauce, four side dishes, four cups of rice, four muffins, and 1.5 liter of soda. Meanwhile, All Chimichurri Group Meal (starts at Php1,330) includes quarter Chimichurri roast, half-slab Chimichurri ribs, one Chimichurri Schublig sausage, one Chimichurri burger steak, four side dishes, four cups of rice, four muffins, and 1.5L of soda. Completing the Chimichurri Festival are two delicious and new side dishes, which are offered for a limited time only: the baconized corn and chips and salsa. 
Now that Chimichurri is back at Kenny Rogers Roasters, it’s time to satisfy your appetite and relish these truly delicious and sorely missed flavors. Even better, customers can truly savor this dish and eat in appreciation because with every Solo Plate purchased of Chimichurri, Kenny Rogers Roasters will donate Php1.00* to selected NGOs to support our local farmers. The Chimichurri Farmvocacy is Kenny Rogers Roasters' way of helping the local farmers uplift their livelihood in today’s challenging time. With the scarcity and challenges of global supply that we are facing, sourcing and supporting local farmers will help us greatly in the future. Every peso counts and all it takes is to order a deliciously healthy plate of any of our Chimichurri Festival choices, to greatly help our local home-grown heroes - our farmers.
Enjoy this popular South American flavor only at Kenny Rogers Roasters available for dine-in, takeout, or delivery through, hotline: 8-555-9000, or via Grab Food and Food Panda.

Celebrate with Cindys on their 50th year

There’s something beautiful when reminiscing about moments we share with our loved ones. Cindys knows this very well and has strived to be part of these moments, offering baked treats that help make these moments memorable and heartwarming. 

Before growing into one of the Filipinos’ beloved food companies, Cindys, a well-known Filipino brand, began its roots in a humble neighborhood bakery & restaurant in Tarlac City in 1972. Their range of fluffy, warm bread and cakes, as well as well-loved fast food dishes, have been the community’s choice when selecting what they would like to have for breakfast, merienda, celebrations and other occasions. 

Cindys won the hearts and taste buds of a larger community as it transformed into a full restaurant where they offered their best-selling chicken barbeque and palabok. Their line “The Place to Be” etched an indelible mark in the hearts and minds of every Filipino. 

Cindys eventually expanded to the rest of Luzon with their bakery products, charming Filipinos with a fresh and delicious range of quality breads, cakes, pastries, and other ready-to-eat food products. 

Cindys’ range of cake products are the perfect cakes for celebrations. At the same time, the typical Pinoy favorites such as the pandesal, Pan de Espana, Pan de Coco, loaf breads, and ensaymadas are perfect for big and small moments with friends and family. Indeed, whether it’s a big or small occasion, Cindys is sure to turn wonderful and enriching food experiences into great moments they will cherish forever. 

In its 50th year, Cindys has established its heritage as a bakery that offers heartwarming and delicious food to Filipinos. It continues to emphasize what made them stand out in the first place: high-quality, affordable baked treats that warm the hearts and tummies of every Filipino, as they celebrate different moments in their lives.

Through the years, Cindys has opened 65 branches and 130 dealers across many provinces and major cities in Luzon. And as Cindys goes into their next 50 years, they are committed to expand with more branches in Luzon, Metro Manila and other parts of the country, bringing with them the kind of products that we have all come to love.

Oreo marks 110th birthday with limited-edition flavor

The limited-edition Birthday Cookie is the first Oreo flavor to feature rainbow sprinkles and a birthday cake flavored cream sandwiched between two delicious cocoa cookies. The cookie will be sold in the Philippines until December 31.
Photo release

Cookie brand Oreo is turning 110 years old in 2022, and the brand is kicking off the party with a limited-edition flavor, Birthday Cookie. With lashings of vanilla and crème filled with sprinkles, it will be sold across Southeast Asia until September 2022. 

To get the party started, the brand launched a playful Augmented Reality (AR) Facebook filter that invites people to blow out 110 candles from an Oreo Birthday Cookie.

“Oreo has been sparking joy for 110 years, bringing playful experiences to families around the world. And, what’s a birthday without cake? We’re inviting fans across Southeast Asia to join the celebrations. We’re delighted to debut a festive new flavor, supported with an unique AR experience that’s inspired by the universal act of blowing out candles – a tradition that transcends cultures and generations. We hope fans take a moment to blow out the 110 candles, make a wish for the year ahead, and enjoy our most playful celebration yet,” said Nikhil Rao, Senior Marketing Director for Mondelez Southeast Asia.

“Birthdays are special and more so when it is your 110th. We are excited to celebrate Oreo’s 110th birthday by offering consumers two unique experiences – a limited edition cookie with sprinkles and an AR experience that will truly make consumers a part of the celebration,” Vikram Chandratrey, Marketing head Oreo for Mondelez Southeast Asia.

The celebrations continue with a TV commercial, which will be launched across six Southeast Asian markets - Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. Directed by Agustín Carbonere of Landia Productions, Argentina, this TVC communicates the 110th birthday celebration. It shows a father blowing out virtual candles in an AR Filter, inviting people to celebrate together, as well as showing the limited edition of the Birthday Cake flavor of cream filled with yummy colorful sprinkles. 

The Southeast Asia wide campaign will also grant birthday "gifts" to lucky fans. 110 lucky winners who get to blow out all 110 candles within 15 seconds using the AR filter on Facebook will have the chance to win up to 1000 worth of products and more. Stay tuned on Oreo’s Facebook page to learn more.

What better way to introduce this challenge to family and friends than through the eyes of proud parents? With celebrity parents, Iya Villania and Drew Arellano. We were mostly introduced to Oreo through our moms, which is why we also have a number of key opinion leader moms who will participate in sharing this challenge, including Ciara Magallanes, and Gracie Maulion. To further help make the 110th birthday fun and visible, we also have celebrities and content creators joining the beloved brand's birthday celebration: Sofia Pablo, Gwy Saludes, and Clyden San Pedro to join the challenge. 

Mix and match your own combo

Through McSavers Mix & Match, McDonald’s helps budgetarians of all kinds enjoy feel-good moments without breaking the bank.
Photo release

When budgets are tight, your food choices need not be limited when you dine at McDonald’s. Through their McSavers Mix & Match, all types of budgetarians have the freedom to create a two-piece snack combo for the same affordable price. 

Even during "petsa de peligro," office-goers can have a delicious and affordable merienda in between work. McSavers Mix & Match has four options to choose from for the main dish and eight options to choose from as a side, budgetarian office-goers can create filling combos like one-piece Mushroom Pepper Steak & Coke McFloat, McSpaghetti & Apple Pie, or a McCrispy Chicken Sandwich & Regular Fries.

Meanwhile, students who are returning to school also have to return to managing their allowance. Even with a limited budget, McSavers Mix & Match provides affordable snack combo options, perfect for breaks in between classes or a barkada hang-out at the end of the day. Students can create pairings like Cheesy Burger McDo & Hot Fudge Sundae, one-piece Mushroom Pepper Steak & McCafe Premium Roast Coffee, or McCrispy Chicken Sandwich & Coke McFloat.

Just follow three simple steps here to create your McSavers Mix & Match combo: Choose a main from a variety of savory options such as Cheesy Burger McDo, McCrispy Chicken Fillet Sandwich, McSpaghetti, and 1-pc. Mushroom Pepper Steak. Match it with any of McDo’s all-time favorite sides, beverages, and desserts such as Regular Fries, Apple Pie, Premium Roast Coffee, Iced Tea, Pineapple Juice, McFloat, or Sundae (Hot Fudge or Caramel). Pay only P75.

Through McSavers Mix & Match, McDonald’s helps budgetarians of all kinds enjoy feel-good moments without breaking the bank. With the range of snack options, there are over 30 combinations that you can choose from. Head on over now to any McDonald store and try the new McSavers Mix & Match via Drive Thru, Take-Out, and Dine-In during regular hours.

Bravo to delightful celebrations 

From an intimate birthday meal with family to a big wedding party, Conti’s make all kinds of celebrations more delightful with its one-of-a-kind cakes that are all baked and crafted with love and suited to the taste of Filipinos.
Photo release

Cakes are not just desserts. They are also a symbol of celebration or expression of strong feelings such as love, adoration, or gratitude. For some people, cakes are special not only for the taste but also for the personal meanings or stories they carry in their lives.

These are some of the sweet people and delightful stories that popular cake brand Conti’s Bakeshop and Restaurant have served these past 25 years.

For Mary Buensuceso’s mother, the iconic Conti’s Mango Bravo captures one of the best things that her hometown is known for. “Taga-Guimaras siya, so every time na kinakain niya ‘yung Mango Bravo pakiramdam niya nasa Guimaras sya. Narereminisce nya ‘yung pagkabata niya. Kaya favorite talaga niya ang Mango Bravo.”

That’s quite an endorsement from a native of what’s considered the home of the best mangoes in the Philippines. The cake has become a favorite of Mary and her brother, too, and they look forward to enjoying it as a family on their mother’s birthday. “Talagang nasa satisfy kami,” Mary stresses. 

More than that, Mango Bravo has become special to them because it’s “like the celebration of the life of our mom every year.” Mary’s mom is a breast cancer survivor and, knowing full well that the illness can recur at any time, the family is overjoyed at every birthday she gets to mark.

“Every year is like a celebration of life,” Mary notes. “Natatawid namin ‘yung years na kasama siya, and kasama namin siya every single day. So, we make the occasion special and napili namin yung Conti’s na maging part ng celebration ng family. Happy kami pag birthday ng mom ko kasi super happy din siya.”

For university professor Mye Icamina-Maravilla and her family, the Mango Bravo has been a part of birthday and other celebrations for over a decade now. She became an instant fan on first bite in 2009. “Wala kasing ibang ganung klase ng lasa ng cake at ganung klaseng creation,” she notes.

Mye is such a fan of the unique cake that she found a unique use for it – as her wedding cake. “While most would like to have a multi-tiered cake for their wedding, we stuck to what we love most,” she explains about the decision to go with Mango Bravo when she and her husband, who is also a Mango Bravo fan, tied the knot in 2018. 

The move initially came as a surprise to their guests at the wedding, but it did not take long for the closer relatives to realize how it made perfect sense for Mye and her husband as the Mango Bravo has been part of all their celebrations. 

Mye also wanted to practice what she preached as a teacher. “I used to teach Marriage and Family Life and one of the things I kept stressing is that marriage is more valuable than the wedding. Kaya tinatry ko ding i-live out yung mga tinuturo ko. When we decided to use Mango Bravo as our wedding cake, gusto naming sabihin na it is the essence, it is the thought that counts. It is the value that matters.”
But it also boiled down to taste. Mye and her husband ditched the usual fondant cake after attending a relative’s wedding. “Ang ganda ganda niya tignan pero hindi namin nagustuhan ‘yung mismong cake. Si naisip namin why would we waste our money sa ganung klaseng cake.”

Sharing special occasions with family was also at the heart of young Conti’s fan Anjanet Panelo’s unforgettable 21st birthday. It marked the first time the family celebrated a birthday with a cake, after years of having pancit and ice cream. 

Being a new professional, it was also the first time Anjanet took care of the handa herself. “My first job. Hard earned money ko,” she notes. “It was also our first time eating Conti’s cake.” 
What made the Mango Bravo they shared more special was that it was a gift from her older sister. Anjanet was so touched because, like her, her sister had also just started her career. “Kahit kaunti pa lang ang ipon, ‘yung best seller talaga ng Conti’s ang pinili.”

She recalls with so much fondness the experience of enjoying their first Conti’s cake. “Excited kami kaninin. Unang kagat mapapaiyak ka talaga kasi mapapaisip ka na dati pinapangarap mo lang makakain ng ganung cake, ngayon kaya nang makabili gamit ang perang pinaghirapan. After all sacrifices and struggles, finally we were able to celebrate even small wins, celebrations made sweeter with Conti’s.”  

Nineteen-year-old Dane Austria had some sort of a similar surprise from her sister last year. The student was not exactly in a celebratory mood when she woke up on her 19th birthday. She had already been feeling the pinch of the pandemic restrictions that had put her graduation on hold. She also wasn’t sure she’d be able to celebrate her birthday with her family. 

But when she got out of the shower, her sister asked her to go to the dining room right away. She got a big surprise when she saw her family there, and with them, her favorite cake. “I was surprised and overwhelmed seeing them,” Dane recalls. ”They really turned my gloomy day into a bright and colorful one.”

From an intimate birthday meal with family to a big wedding party, Conti’s make all kinds of celebrations more delightful with its one-of-a-kind cakes that are all baked and crafted with love and suited to the taste of Filipinos.

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