Understanding entities

FROM THE HEART - Gina Lopez (The Philippine Star) - May 29, 2018 - 12:00am

The essence of life is profoundly spiritual. It is the base, it is the fuel — and it is the end. There are many ways to get there.

Entity is an energetic fragment that is a remnant of the astral body that disassociates itself from the physical body if death happens.

We are body, mind (astral body), etheric and spirit.

When the body dies, we certainly don’t cease to exist. Our astral body gets scattered and our spirit goes on to the light. There are many proofs that this happens,  ranging from testimonials to near-death experiences. We are not our minds. We are spirits. And the belief of many, with which I concur, is that when the physical body disintegrates due to age or sickness, the spirit eventually hits parallel with another body and mind in which to fulfill its process of evolution. I have memories of past lives so I know this to be true.

When the astral body shatters, the fragments don’t disappear. They look for host bodies/structures to feed on so it can continue “living.” These are called entities. Sometimes they inhabit human structures if the psyche of that individual is resonant with its psyche. For example the astral fragment of a drunkard will inhabit someone who likes to drink. This can only happen if your etheric is weak; or they inhabit houses, dark dirty places or isolated buildings — feeding on the etheric of the house until it can find a host body to parasite on.

If you are feeling healthy and positive, it will be difficult for entities to come in because your energetic structure is strong. However if you are feeling sad, depressed and weak — and you are in a hospital or in a funeral parlor (these places are full of entities) — there is the possibility that an entity may come in.

There are ways to protect your self energetically when going to these places. It is not the end of the world if you get an entity. Some people have entities for decades and they don’t even know it.

However, it is always better to remove these energetic leeches. That’s what they feel like to me. More often than not they parasite on your body of energy, make you feel heavy, increase or facilitate negative emotions or feelings within oneself.

In spiritual life, we use these entities to be aware of what in us they are leaching on before we have them removed so the whole removal process brings on spiritual growth.

There are many ways of removing entities. Catholics exorcise. The Clairvision Way is to infuse in the room, primarily and eventually in the body of the client spiritual energies and then work with connections to take them to the light.

I am a registered entity clearer. I have been in the school for over 15 years. I wasn’t practicing because I have been so busy. Just recently, I removed an entity in someone who had been mapping it for a year. It was a profound experience. I am so blessed in life, so one way of giving back is to resume this service.

If you feel there is an entity in a house or in someone, please call Frank Quilas at 0917-6212159. He will give you a session or map the place. If he feels it is bona fide, he will know.

The essence of life is profoundly spiritual. It is the base, it is the fuel — and it is the end. There are many ways to get there. One chooses the path, which is resonant with one’s psyche. I have been meditating for over 46 years and have tried many meditation practices — from Zen to Christian meditation, to Seat of the Soul of Gary Zukav, etc. But the school of meditation, which has affected me the most is the Clairvision School of Meditation. I love the fact of it being a school. They have what is known as knowledge tracks, which are audio recordings and readings.

On June 16 in Rockwell, I would like to share some of the learnings I have had after over 40 years of meditation and share with you “technology,” which has worked for me.

I will have my cook prepare recipes I like so you can get a taste of healthy eating. You can also get tips on diet, on living life. I love qi gong — and I love essential oils. They keep me healthy.

Life is all about giving and receiving. I have been so   blessed on all levels — spiritually and materially.

Life dictates that I give back.

I’m holding a talk on June 16, 9 a.m. on the 21st floor of Rockwell 8. It is free. But since I am preparing food, you can give a donation of P200 just to help cover costs. Please email hellogina@gworld.ph so we can save a slot for you. It will be a very casual, informative discussion on going forward in life.

* * *

I can be reached at hellogina@gworld.ph.

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