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Do you believe that the dead come back to visit us?

WORDSWORTH - Mons Romulo -
As we take a break tomorrow to remember our departed loved ones we are reminded about how one day all of us will join our Creator. And as we say our prayers for them, let us also put in a little prayer for all the people who have gone before us – especially those who are not resting in peace. There have been endless stories of people who have died unprepared for death and have come back wanting to send a message to their loved ones. These spirits must believe that they are still alive or perhaps they have not accepted that they have left this world. I have heard of some people who have seen or experienced the presence of spirits in their lives and many of them have been frightened because of these experiences.

Matteo Fernan Guidicelli, Swatch model:
Honestly, I don’t believe in spirits of the dead remaining earth-bound. Though I must admit I do enjoy a scare by watching horror films from time to time. So far, I can say that the only time I encountered dead spirits is in the movies.

Frances Lim, marketing director, Silk Cocoon:
I believe that there are spirits around us – good spirits who are here to help us. There are also bad spirits who haunt us, and earth-bound spirits, too, who have unfinished business on earth. I have not encountered any spirits physically but there were occasions when I felt their presence.

Cathy De Rosa, ad sales director, ABS-CBN Publishing:
I believe that spirits live among us. In 1992, close to a year after the Baguio earthquake, some friends and I went to where the Hyatt used to stand, and ventured into the barricaded premises. A very eerie and overwhelming presence was unmistakably felt as we walked huddled together. We took some photos and lo and behold! In one photo there was a distinct silhouette of a woman standing beside us!

Martha Orosa Uy, interior designer:
I believe that spirits that linger on earth are either familiar or evil. These spirits are territorial and have dominion over those whose hearts are darkened. I sensed an evil presence once outside the window of a house where I was visiting. My husband and I went into Prayerwhich for hours. After that, God’s grace prevailed and the ghost left us in peace.

Amina Aranaz, bag designer:
Thank God, I haven’t had any spirit encounters! And I don’t look forward to any either. However, I do think it’s possible for the spirits of the dead to linger awhile on earth. Especially those who have died unexpectedly or of tragic causes.

Len Nepomuceno Guiao, fashion designer:
Yes, I believe even if I haven’t experienced one yet. My eldest brother Ning passed away six years ago. I really love him, but if he shows himself to me, I will really be scared. That’s why I keep praying that I never, ever encounter any ghosts today or any day. But my husband Jojo has experienced the presence of a spirit. When he was 10, he and his older brothers and sisters were playing spirit of the glass and it spelled D E V and the glass exploded right in front of them!

Jonathan G. Matti, architect:
I have never encountered nor have been in a situation where I was visited by dead spirits. The only spirit I believe in is the Holy Spirit, whom I pray to for guidance and without fail my prayers are always answered.

David Almendral, businessman:
I am the biggest skeptic when it comes to the paranormal. I have never seen nor had any encounter with spirits. I wouldn’t say they don’t exist – only that I have never had an experience that would lead me to believe in them. I think some people have occurences, either physical or otherwise, which lead them to believe in the paranormal. I don’t think they’re all lying, but I’d like to see evidence before believing.

Pinky Marquez, entertainer:
I believe that bad spirits haunt the earth but with a strong faith in God people should not fear these spirits. I have never encountered a spirit but I have experienced this eerie feeling twice on different occasions. One was a presence behind me which disappeared soon after I prayed.












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