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Dove women journey to self-discovery |

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Dove women journey to self-discovery

- Rebecca C. Rodriguez -
I am a certified personal care product junkie. I am obsessed with soaps, lotions, shower gels, facial washes, creams, astringents and other beauty products. No wonder I am always low on cash because this is where I splurge my hard-earned dough. Unknowingly, using all these different products took a toll on my skin, which turned from bad to worse. It is every woman’s nightmare to have dry flaky skin. How embarrassing! I figured out the solution for my skin rehab: cut down on mixing different products all together and stick to one brand.

I used to admire my grandma’s flawless skin. She was one of the few women who aged gracefully because she pampered herself by staying away from harmful ultraviolet rays and by using an expensive brand of cream for her face. Every time I hugged her, I did not fail to notice her soft and smooth skin. You might wonder what her secret was? The only product she used was Dove cream bar.

There is a common misconception that Dove soap leaves a sticky residue on your skin. Actually, moisturization is the key benefit of this cream bar. I also learned recently that it is important to moisturize not only the skin but the spirit as well. Every woman who uses Dove should strive for moments of well-being. Dove executives call this the "Dove moment." This happens when you dedicate at least five minutes of your time solely to yourself by removing all negativities from your life and enjoying everything that you are doing. Don’t we all want this to happen 24/7?

We women may have our Dove moments in many different ways. They may come in triumphs, little parades of happiness, personal achievements or whatnot.

Dove recently invited members of the press to an Asian trip aboard Star Cruise Virgo in order to engage in holistic activities with the goal of empowering women. How? Through yoga, shopping and sightseeing – things women should engage in (in healthy doses, of course).

Why a cruise, you may ask? Dove’s brand assistant Ireene Leonicio said, "A cruise is a magnified version of a woman’s journey to self-discovery since it empowers them by making life more exciting. It is a perfect venue to go into your inner being since it allows women to embrace new events and situations they have never encountered before."

Being on board a cruise certainly taught me so many things about myself. Solitude has its benefits. So do embracing the unexpected and making the most of situations. Aboard the ship, I enjoyed connecting with interesting and unique individuals. Oh yeah, it is necessary to practice the virtues of patience and tolerance even if people push you around or cut lines. Try not to unleash the fury as much as possible. Relax! Don’t forget karma, man!

According to Marlene Pajanel, Star Cruises-Philippines & Guam manager, "We want our passengers to experience a different level of entertainment. A cruise is very close to nature. Since water is a powerful healer and provides a cleansing benefit, it works harmoniously with Dove."

Marlene is a perfect example of a Filipina excelling in her field dominated by males – a Dove woman, indeed.
Yoga, Girls
Dove hooked up yoga instructor Bela Lipat in order to for the participants to experience their own Dove moments through yoga. Yoga brings together physical and spiritual discipline for health and peace of mind. Famous stars like Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Heather Graham and Sting are practitioners of this timeless Indian philosophy, science and art. Yoga has always caught my attention but then I never got into it. Why? Usual answer: lack of time! Or was I just lazy to make time? I am afraid so. Watching Bela teach basic postures and breathing exercises got me more interested in yoga again. It is a wake up call for me to change my lifestyle and invest on my health.

Bela has been practicing various forms of Yoga and meditation from childhood and has been teaching since 1997 at Sai Shanti Yoga Sanctuary in San Lorenzo Village, Makati. (It is such a coincidence that we are neighbors. The proximity gives me more reason to be in her class soon.) According to Bela, being one with yourself in a deeper level empowers you. However, empowerment is not just the goal of yoga.

"Understanding who and what you are is the true power," said Bela. Knowing thyself is necessary to discover ways to attaining happiness. If you are not happy with your life and everything that comes with it, shows externally. But if you are happy inside and out, your beauty will radiate, and that is empowerment.

Teaching yoga in a non-conventional way (and in a non-conventional place) was definitely a Dove moment for Bela.

We women had to wake up at 7 a.m. for yoga sessions at the ship’s helipad. When we got to the helipad, we saw thick nimbus clouds darkening the horizon. Shortly after, it started to rain. Surprisingly, the yoga participants stayed put and continued with the session.

"The women did something unexpected – they didn’t take cover from the rain," enthused Bela. "And afterwards, the sun came out as if we ordered it." God really works in mysterious ways.

As a philosophy, yoga insists that the practice postures, breathing techniques is essential to lead a worthy and satisfying life. The highest aim is the union of the individual spirit with the universe. Bela noted, "We practice yoga not (just) to have beautiful bodies but rather to discipline our mind. Having positive intentions removes laziness."
More Than A Dove Woman
Aside from yoga, exercise, eating healthy food, sleeping early, quitting your alcoholic and chain smoking habits, being a true-blue Dove woman calls for doing things more than the usual. Sounds like the Philippines tourism ad campaign you see in CNN, right? Sometimes we feel trapped doing the same old routines that we get bored with our lives. This is can be unhealthy for the mind, body and spirit.

Ireene added, "A Dove woman does things for herself without feeling guilty. She uses her heart a lot in doing things that make her feel good and happy. All these are for her well-being."

A woman should invest in pampering herself whether it is shopping, eating or the ultimate relaxation. I do this all the time by having foot and body massages, foot spas with manicure and pedicure, and hair spas for my curly locks. This investment for total well-being is never dangerous only to my wallet, I suppose.

The first stop of cruise was Penang, Malaysia. Sadly, we only had a few hours to explore the place. The cab driver took us to a famous tourist spot called Gurney Plaza for some shopping. Spoiling oneself can be good once in a while.

The next stop of the cruise was in Phuket, Thailand. I rode on an elephant at Island Safari. Amazing! The ride was so relaxing. The trip gave me the chance to do something unusual, which I never thought I would do in my life. Another Dove moment yet again! There’s nothing wrong with broadening your horizons (and improving your wardrobe) with sightseeing and shopping sprees once in a while.
All You Need Is Dove
The journey to self-discovery is a long and winding road. However, knowing exactly how to handle challenges and trials in life can empower women by boosting their esteem and confidence – one lesson learned during the Dove cruise.

Ireene explained, "Dove not only has commitment to the skin but to the spirit as well – by removing fear and negativities that hinder her to do what she loves to do."

There is freedom in celebrating femininity with a positive energy. The attitude of a Dove woman should be: I am happier, healthier and more in love with life – the sun never fails to shine when it always rains.

What makes a Dove woman special? Irene shared, "A Dove woman has beauty without artifice. Her natural glow emanates from within. External beauty is just a bonus."

So, it does not matter how much foundation, eye shadow, blush and lipstick you put on. All the cosmetics and beauty products in the world cannot conceal your unhappiness. It is best to let go of negativity, celebrate life to the fullest, and just be happy. Natural beauty will glow from within and your aura will radiate. That is the essence of being a Dove woman.

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