A light scent is so right for summer

STYLE S.O.S. - Lucy Torres-Gomez, Rissa M. Trillo, Tingting Cojuangco () - February 8, 2012 - 12:00am

Dear Rissa, 

I’m looking for a new light fragrance. My usual scent is too strong for summer. Any recommendations?

Mich S

During summer or in warm weather, fragrances in general become stronger. They break down and evaporate at higher temperatures into small particles easily carried off by the wind. That’s why light fresh fragrances are best during summer. Strong scents and perfumes are irritatingly overpowering to the smell if used during summer. They’re best used during the cooler months when low temperatures tend to make a lot of things virtually odorless.

I suggest you try PureDKNY (available at Rustan’s). I’m not a big fan of light fragrances, but this caught my attention. The scent makes use of the herb verbena. But worry not because even if verbena is a plant, it doesn’t give off a grassy smell. Verbena has a sparkling citrus, lemon-like quality. The fragrance also exudes the fresh scent of basil. I like it because even if I hate citrus-y colognes, this doesn’t smell typical and predictable. At first whiff, it smells light but fresh and even quite memorable. I like the scent for giving me happy memories. It reminds me of my dalagita days and brings me back to a time when life was more easy and carefree. This is an ideal scent to use every day — perfect for summer!


* * *

Nifty At Fifty

Dear Tingting,

I’ve become at 50 years old insecure about how I look. What various procedures can I do?



Shine on your own: Don’t lose your individuality. You don’t have to strive to look like Jennifer Lopez with her cheekbones and famous buttocks. Each culture has its own standards for beauty.

When we think of beauty, we go to the eyes, lips, nose, cheeks, breast, that may need redefining and accentuating. Because the lips become thinner with age, the eyes narrower and tinier, the nostrils a bit wider because the cheeks may be hallow, and the breasts saggy, re-contouring is essential to restore one’s confidence.

There are numerous procedures, but remember to tell your doctors not to do away with your individuality. Don’t insist on very full lips that look good on Angelina Jolie when your face is tiny, or choose the aquiline nose of the Greeks for your dark Filipino complexion.

Avoid sameness so you don’t look like other women or don’t strive to look like Jennifer Lopez with her cheekbones and buttocks. The “assembly line” appearance really damages personal identity. Each culture has its own standards for defining beauty. Like clothes, we can do less for the face and body, and end up with more. Practice prudence.


* * *

Rx For Supple, Healthy Skin

Dear Lucy,

I seem to be allergic to oil, although I really like the way it makes my skin feel sana, but I get a gazillion tiny red spots especially on the backs of my knees whenever I use it. Lotion is no problem though, I’m fine with it and I’ve tried many. I am always on the lookout for new ones. What lotion do you like?



Offhand I would say that it would be best to clear with your derma first the skin products that you use. Now, assuming that you are, as you say, fine with any lotion, there are a lot of good ones I can think of quickly. But so as not to confuse you, if I were to name just one right now, it would be L’Occitane’s Amande Firming and Smoothing Skin Concentrate. This one smells so innocent and makes the skin feel soft and smooth instantly. It is subtly scented, like it’s there but not there, and a definite plus is the fact that it leaves a gentle sheen on the skin, making it look so supple and healthy. If you wear a dress, put a little extra on the legs, to make them feel and look lovely. This one is definitely a keeper.


* * *

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