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New year, new challenges: Here's how kids can stay safe and warm this 2022 |

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New year, new challenges: Here's how kids can stay safe and warm this 2022
New year, new challenges: Here's how kid's can stay safe and warm this 2022
Though caring for children entails a lot of time and effort, the love of a parent counts and goes a long way into a child's development. 
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MANILA, Philippines — With the new year comes a new set of challenges. But coughs and colds are not exactly new, and kids are particularly vulnerable to these, especially when the weather gets too cold (and rainy) for comfort. 

Getting sick is an unpleasant experience. However, there are ways that parents can take note of so their children are safe and protected. Here are some of them: 

1. Getting vaccinated 

Getting vaccinated is one of the best ways to protect kids from illnesses, such as the flu. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that children aged six months and up should get themselves vaccinated with a seasonal flu vaccine every year.

And because flu strains constantly evolve, flu vaccines are updated every season. As such, parents should ensure that vaccination for their kids is up-to-date. 

2. Good hygiene 

To minimize diseases from infecting and spreading, children must learn good hygiene. 

An excellent example of this is regular handwashing using soap and water to help remove germs sticking on the skin. Using hand sanitizers or rubbing alcohol is also a good alternative, especially when traveling. 

Another form of good hygiene is covering the nose or mouth when sneezing or coughing using a handkerchief or tissue paper. After use, discard these items properly. 

3. Healthy diet 

Healthy meals should consist of nutrient-dense and well-balanced food to help kids boost and maintain their health and immunity. 

Healthy food includes fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, dairy (like milk and cheese), fish, and lean meat and poultry, as well as water. 

Parents can also consult with a doctor or a dietician to help in planning and preparing nutritious meals for their kids. 

4. Fun and exercise 

Whether indoors or outdoors, a little bit of fun activity is also great for kids. 

Activities can include playing games such as tagu-taguan (hide-and-seek), patintero or langit-lupa, to name a few. Another is taking walks or helping do simple chores together. 

Not only does it help them socialize and increase their self-esteem, but it also lowers stress and builds stronger bones and muscles. 

5. Rest 

Like adults and teens, young children should also get enough time for rest and sleep. 

Not only does it help strengthen their immune system, but it also helps improve their memory and mood, as well as their overall mental health.

And when it's time for kids to rest or take a nap, many Filipino parents would give them gentle massages using massage oils to help them relax—an example of this is manzanilla oil. 

Parents' warmth paired with manzanilla 

Manzanilla, Spanish for chamomile, is a plant known for its herbal benefits. An example of its use is IPI Aceite de Manzanilla, which contains manzanilla oil that many moms use to help alleviate body discomforts their children feel, notably kabag (colic). 

Colic is a natural condition when infants cry out constantly for hours. The causes are uncertain, but it may be that some babies may have a hard time adjusting to a new environment or that they experience discomfort from gas or indigestion. 

Aside from colic, moms also use IPI Aceite de Manzanilla to help alleviate flu-like symptoms (such as coughs, colds, or fever) their kids feel. It also aids in promoting a calm and relaxing sleep during bedtime. 

IPI Aceite de Manzanilla is also useful when kids need a little bit of a tender massage from their parents. Moreover, giving them occasional massages has several benefits: 

  • It helps them relax and ease stress, allowing better sleep. 
  • It improves their mood, helping minimize crying. 
  • It aids in reducing discomforts, like colic. A tender massage also helps kids who feel muscle soreness when they experience flu-like symptoms, like colds.
  • It promotes social, emotional and cognitive development. 
  • It strengthens the bond between parent and child, enhancing their emotional and communication ties. 
  • It allows parents a better understanding of cues from their baby.
  •  It boosts parents' confidence when handling their kids.

Though caring for children entails a lot of time and effort, the love of a parent counts and goes a long way into a child's development. 

Love begins by looking out after the people that matter and giving them a nurturing gesture. Alongside IPI Aceite De Manzanilla, continue to show the warmth of love and always stay safe! 


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