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Dealing with the first signs of a cold? Let’s hear it from 5 Filipino citizens, frontliners

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Dealing with the first signs of a cold? Letâs hear it from 5 Filipino citizens, frontliners
Five Pinays share firsthand "coldfessions," or unique and personal praning stories related to getting colds and having good health.
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MANILA, Philippines — Whether it’s accomplishing life goals, making ends meet or making the home the best it can be for the family, many of us strive hard every day to get things done. But with all that’s happening around us, it can be challenging to keep up.

One of the things that could get us down is getting sick, like catching a common cold. It may bring out worries out of many of us, understandably so.

Since catching a cold these days can be such a hassle, we do everything we can to help stay healthy and be defended from cold viruses. We may have developed habits and strategies in dealing with it, especially at the first signs.

Here, we get to hear firsthand coldfessions, or unique and personal praning stories related to catching a cold and having good health.

1. Rofhedein Suzon, 25

Dealing with the first signs of a cold? Let’s hear it from 5 Filipino citizens, frontliners

As a news anchor and writer, Rofhedein’s daily task is gathering and delivering materials at 2 a.m. for a 6 a.m. broadcast and then writing for the rest of the day. She said she gets really anxious about getting sick, such as catching a common cold.

“If you are sick you cannot go to work and fulfill your duties,” she shared.

When asked about what she does to not let the first signs of a cold develop into a full blown cold, she had a ready answer: “I drink a lot of water, take vitamins. I also use some ointments and get rest.”

2. Ragna Gonzalez, 30

Dealing with the first signs of a cold? Let’s hear it from 5 Filipino citizens, frontliners

Work-from-home mommy, Ragna, shares that she always makes sure she’s healthy and defended from cold viruses so she can be there to play and bond with her son. “My son is very active, loves water and loves playing around. I don't usually stop him from doing that because as a mom, I know how important play is for a growing child.”

Hence, preparedness is vital at home. When she discovered Vicks First Defence Nasal Spray, she immediately added it to her family’s arsenal to help her in fighting cold symptoms as she knows she can’t afford to get sick for her son.

"Vicks First Defence has been a great discovery. Imagine having a handy nasal spray that you can carry with you anytime, anywhere for whenever you need it.”

3. Mary Lorraine Llorin, 36

Dealing with the first signs of a cold? Let’s hear it from 5 Filipino citizens, frontliners

Mary Lorraine, a digital content creator and blogger, is more direct in her strategy to help be defended from a cold. “I take Vitamin C as prescribed by our family doctor, I drink lots of fruit juice and eat more vegetables than usual.”

She also uses Vicks First Defence Nasal Spray. “It helps me in dealing with a cold. Vicks First Defence Nasal Spray helps stop my cold from developing into a full blown cold as we use it the moment we first get that tickly feeling in our nose,” she said.

4. Mhea Dela Cruz, 37

Dealing with the first signs of a cold? Let’s hear it from 5 Filipino citizens, frontliners

Mhea, who works for an Australian law firm, just got married this December. “That’s why I’m extra careful not to get sick, especially when it comes to catching a cold. Who wouldn't get praning especially nowadays? Every little symptom is alarming,” she said.

She knows it’s important to stay healthy, especially for those around her. When asked how she deals with the onset of a cold, her first go-to is her trusty balm or oil so she could sniff it and put some under her nose. She also prepares hot lemonade with honey, if not pop a lozenge for relief. She also drinks a lot of water.

Asked about the newest Vicks product, the Vicks First Defence nasal spray, Mhea expressed interest in trying it since it can help stop a cold when used at first signs. She admits that she has relied on Vicks products for years—a practice she’s learned from her mom.

5. Lyka Baqueros, 28

Dealing with the first signs of a cold? Let’s hear it from 5 Filipino citizens, frontliners

As a stay-at-home mom of three, Lyka prefers a no-nonsense approach to dealing with the onset of a cold. “Lalo na sa panahon natin ngayon, talagang kapag feeling ko magkakaroon ako ng cold e umiinom na ako ng gamot or nagpapahid na ako ng kung anu-ano para ‘di na tumuloy,” she shared.

Upon discovering the Vicks First Defence Nasal Spray herself, she has since stood by it when it comes to the first symptoms of a cold.

“Nang ma-try ng asawa ko ang Vicks First Defence Nasal Spray, nakatulong ito na hindi magtuloy-tuloy yung sipon niya. Unti-unti nawala ang sipon niya at tumigil siya sa pagsinghot,” she said.

First line of defense

Striving for good health should always be a priority, more so today. This is why Filipinos do everything they can to not get sick and catch a cold,  including taking vitamin supplements, eating healthy, or adopting fitness regimens, even from home.

Many Filipinos’ propensity for “kapraningan” today means they are no longer taking chances. Getting a cold is no longer a trivial thing, but something that should be taken seriously, even at first signs.

Vicks First Defence, from the cough and cold expert brand Vicks, is a nasal spray that’s designed to help stop a cold in its tracks when used at the first signs of symptoms such as a tickly nose, itchy throat or sneezing.

To use it, apply two to three sprays per nostril and the product’s microgel technology will help trap the cold virus in the nasal cavity, inactivate it and reduce its ability to multiply. The cold virus is then removed via nasal washout, either out of the nose or down the stomach.

So whenever there’s a tickly, scratchy sensation in the throat, accompanied by sneezing—all the first signs of a cold— #VDefended with Vicks First Defence as it helps stop a cold in its tracks when used at first signs.

Vicks First Defence is available in all leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide, and online via Watsons website, Watsons Lazada, Southstar website, Southstar Shopee and Rose Pharmacy website.


For more information, visit the Vicks official Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/VicksPhilippines and the Vick’s official website here https://www.vicks.com.ph/en-ph/browse-products/cough-and-cold/vicks-first-defence.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. 
Vicks First Defense is only suitable for adults and children 12 years and above.
Vicks First Defence is not a cure or treatment against COVID-19 and its symptoms.
If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.
ASC Reference Code: P108P010622VS



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