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Two forces

We are already on the third month of the year and a continuing trend will play itself out. We are in the process of being caught between two forces, which define the duality of life. We all walk the bridge between the material and the spiritual. Every day, we are asked to make a choice. On one side of the bridge, the seductively attractive world of sensory stimulation that makes us go after all that we see as "real": money, power, pleasure, ego, ego, ego and all its illusionary values such as pride and greed. The other side of the bridge is that of an understanding that defines the material world as illusion and that exist for a larger perspective: to illumine our souls to reflect the light of the Creator — in love, healing and positive identifications of all that is the good and true.

But we would only know this other spiritual side of ourselves if we are awake and conscious. Please note here that I don’t speak about being religious (which is an entirely different level, though can be just as good if your religiosity makes you live the essence of your religion from where true spirituality stems from). It is about being awake and conscious, thus, aware of your negatives and positives. The first step may be working towards owning your shadow sides by healing the hurts of family relationships and whatever karmic connections and associations there may be in your life. Abuses and rapes, childhood trauma, emotional battering, tragic heartbreaks with grief, yes even addictions... owning up to them, facing them and taking the slow but conscious struggle to heal yourself and make yourself whole. You must shift your perspective (this is what they call the paradigm shift) of ceasing to be victim and be your own healer. You must WANT to be healed, and the secret is that suddenly, the universe conspires to bring people and situations to help heal you.

Then there is suffering due to attachments of the ego. This we see in all our relationships. Jealousy, heartbreak, anger... we all know these and struggle with them. It is, after all, what makes us human. If we can reflect first (breath deeply and step back from whatever you are feeling) and not react in situations where strong and wild energies and emotions arise within us, we would have a fighting chance of seeing the ego take control. But we are not our egos or our personalities. We are much more... we are deeper and more sublime. We are first and foremost souls within this physical body (which by the way, isn’t really just about physical matter since quantum physics has already proven that all matter is energy vibrating at various levels, the physical having the slowest vibration).

The material, the spiritual. The material that holds the old body — ego consciousness. The spiritual which midwifes the new consciousness, the new way of looking at ourselves and our existence. Just move into a bookstore and see the proliferation of books in science, religion, business, medicine and relationships to know that at the root of all, there is one message being told. Everything is interconnected. See the Body-Mind-Spirit lifestyle. You think, you become. You will, you create. You align with God/Universe/Creator and you harmonize your life with joy and happiness.

Just surf the Internet and see the availability of information that is astounding, even information heretofore kept hidden from the general public. Suddenly, the POWER OF ONE (that’s each of us!) is astounding. We are asked not to just be human, but to be super-human. And the root of this change will find itself in the way we change our perspective: to take a spiritual perspective.

What does it mean to be spiritual? My understanding of this is to align one’s self with the harmonious flow of the universe or the Greater Force that continually creates us. This would mean understanding and taking to heart the Universal Laws. It is to rise above petty mind games and discussions and seek to find the essential truth that is vital for any human being of any race, age, gender. It is to have a deep respect for life and honor each stage or situation we find ourselves in and most of all, to try to live with no judgment. It’s a tall order, which is why it becomes necessary to constantly make a clear choice in the small things of life. We are experiencing a great move of consciousness toward new thought not tied into religious thought but highly spiritual. However, at the same time, there will be an opposite polarity that is going to want to hold on to the old paradigm and the old thought form. This is what brings about wars, and will accelerate earth changes.

Over the holidays, in a Michealmass gathering to honor St Micheal the Archangel and protector of this Age, some spiritually conscious friends came together. One psychic friend channeled down a message from the spirit dimension, allegedly coming from St. Micheal. The message: There is no more time, provoke people, even if they get angry. Provoke them so they can change for the positive.

Looking around our world makes us believe this channeled message. It’s too obvious already, this need to constantly choose to be spiritual and more positive. For when we can harness this within ourselves, the power of one becomes the power of many. What is arising is a global consciousness that can be harnessed to calm the many storms and hurricanes, tsunamis and volcanoes erupting, to calm the anger and revenge in war-like minds, to seek the healing of the earth. (Remember what Mahatma Gandhi said, each of us should reflect the change we want to see in the world).

There are two forces present and warring in the world we live in, and within ourselves. 2007 in esoteric numerology is the summation of 2 plus 7 equals 9. The number 9 represents COMPLETION. It is thus a challenge for all to work towards a certain level of completion... of finally choosing to be awaken, be conscious and to work with the positive force of the Light which is present deep within each of us.

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