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Tired? How to energize yourself naturally |


Tired? How to energize yourself naturally

Despite the mall culture all around us, I cannot stand malls. My energies get depleted when I spend more than an hour in a mall. Or if I am in the middle of a large crowd. This is due to the number of people all around, and whose energy fields bump into mine as we move in a given space. These dense energies that envelop us are a summation of all the unconscious and uncontrolled and often fearful thoughts of the people around, the repressed subconscious where negative issues thrive and wreak havoc. The aura or energy field around our body is something we take for granted since we cannot see it. But it does exist. Medieval paintings show holy people with circular orbs around their head, or light shining from their bodies. These techniques were the medieval artists’ way of trying to physically show the aura. Even our own personal experiences will show that we often describe people as "heavy," "dark" or the opposite which is "light."

This surrounding energy field is what Eastern spiritual practices like meditation, yoga, tai-chi and others focus in strengthening and enhancing. By this, we mean making "light and clean," allowing it to expand and radiate. Have we not seen happy people "blooming" where the lightness of their state is a joy to behold? Or meeting people who have worked out baggage and move through life unhampered and free, positive and open?

Such Eastern practices help, through breathing and visualization techniques coupled with positive mind-awareness and thoughts, to constantly keep the aura at a healthy expanded state. The aura is energetic thus alternative methods of healing such as pranic healing or energy transference, even remote prayer can affect it positively. Physical, emotional and mental stress adds to the shrinking or depletion of this field resulting with our getting sick and tired.

Now add another factor: Technology. And a whole new story begins to emerge. Technology, love them or hate them – is here to stay to make our lives go faster, easier and make our world smaller. But technology such as cell phones, microwaves, computers, laptops, hairdryers and even alarm clocks reportedly emit very significant and maybe harmful electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic frequency (EMF as it is called scientifically) exposure reportedly leads to defective cell metabolism. Long-term exposure reportedly leads to tissue damage, which could cause a multitude of health problems such as allergies, neurodermatitis, fatigue, asthma, heart disease, brain cancer, depression, sleep disorders and ill temper. Swedish scientists who study stress have proven that stress due to electro-sensitivity is not just a psychosomatic illness but is a real threat and is a physiological condition. All of these illnesses are on the rise. It makes us think that if such illnesses started off a decade back due to the emerging technologies then, can we even begin to imagine the kind of illnesses that would crop up a decade from now? The EMF problem has been categorized as a new form of pollution as consequential as air and water pollution. It has also been likened to the hazards of asbestos and cigarette smoking. In terms of its snowballing health effects, it’s been compared to the slow process of lead poisoning.

What to do? How do we protect ourselves and our children from the kind of world today? In the past, we would go off to the mountain, away from the electromagnetically charged cities and sit amidst the trees to breathe in good air while recharging our auras. Today, we bring our technology everywhere – to the beach, the golf course, the mountains. There is no way our world will ever be free of technology and the waves they emit – but we can try to minimize our use of them. We have to try to find greener and bluer places, create and make greener places where we and our children can spend time in. Nature is a major healer of our auric/energy field and our inner selves too. Just try to compare: a day spent in front of the computer versus a day spent in the beach, with open blue skies and gentle waves. It is no comparison. Or how about being cooped up surrounded by technology all day, versus taking a long walk in the park. The obvious picture being painted is that of oppositions – which we must try to balance in our lives.

We cannot get away from life full of technology, but we can have a counter-life at night or during the weekends where we attempt to bring ourselves into spaces that allow our auric/energy fields to be healed and expanded. One need not even leave the house – but rather, create a sacred space where the amost minimal technology is present – a garden, a meditation room, a reading room where sanctuary is achieved not only through silence, but also through harmonious energy and vibrations around. Further lighten things up with sweet incense that fills the room. Burn a candle and allow the gentle light to create a mood. (Architects and designers of our homes and living spaces often take these into consideration. There has been a rise of the zen style where minimalism and natural materials, gardens and fountains are helping our psyches to be quiet, as well as allowing our energy fields to be revived).

Let us choose activities that allow more human interaction. Sadly lost to the past is the past time of looking at art and experiencing people through group endeavors. Let us entice our children to find enjoyment in nature and each other. While we cannot control the whole world around us, we can try to consciously control our space, our aura, and the energies that we choose to have around us.

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