People shouldnât be judgmental
Luis is into several sports including basketball, martial arts and surfing. He says, ‘A pretty face is not always enough to becoming a model. You must also need wit, skill and character.’
People shouldn’t be judgmental
FUNFARE - Ricky Lo (The Philippine Star) - July 4, 2020 - 12:00am

Are models good only for display on the ramp?

Luis Hontiveros begs the pardon of whoever asks that question. “First of all,” said Luis who recently signed up with Arnold Vegafria’s ALV Talent Circuit, “I respect everyone’s opinion on certain things, issues or people. But those people who specifically think that way about models are obviously coming from a misinformed opinion or they’re just individuals who easily judge without even actually taking the time to know the facts about what it takes to become a model.

“I’m no stranger to these kinds of impressions and honestly, I couldn’t care less about it. But I do hope they get to have the courage to actually try out becoming a model so that they would understand what they thought about models. A pretty face isn’t always enough to become a ‘model.’ You also need wit, skill and character.”

Aside from modeling, Luis, “an outdoor guy who is either at the beach or in the mountains,” loves to travel and read books (about history, science, self defense and war and crimes, and science). “I am fascinated by the human psyche and behavioral patterns.”

And since he got into showbiz, he has learned to love the craft of acting.

Asked to describe his background, Luis shared, “I come from a simple and loving family. I used to take up Mass Communications at the University of the East (Manila) but I haven’t finished my degree yet. I plan to get my degree eventually but for now, I’d like to take full advantage of the opportunities life is offering me. I’ve been trying my luck to enter showbiz since 2009 back when I was just starting as a model but it was only in 2016 when doors actually opened for me when I got to join PBB (Pinoy Big Brother) Lucky Season 7.”

He admitted that it’s hard to maintain a model’s body if you are lazy or you are not determined.

“So I would suggest to anyone out there who desires to live a healthier and quality life...Study about fitness and science to better understand what your body needs and then the process of attaining your ideal body would be easier in a sense since you are equipped with the significant tools to execute your plan.”

A Cancerian turning 28 on Tuesday (Born July 7, 1992), Luis is a six-footer who wears size-L shirts and briefs, and size-11 shoes.

How do you take care of your body (diet/breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks)?

“I’ve tried various diet programs and a lot of them failed or weren’t suitable for me; it’s really a trial-and-error process. But I have learned what my body needs. Right now, I don’t really follow any diet. I know that my body needs carbohydrates which is a blessing for me because I love rice and pasta so much. I just make sure to work out extra hard so I can continue enjoying all the food I wanna eat. Also, I don’t drink soda; I try to control my consumption of sweets, junk food and other processed goods.”

How much water do you take per day?

“I don’t really know how much is my water intake on a daily basis but I am confident that I am hydrated enough during the day since I barely drink any other beverages, only water.”

What workout do you do and how often (favorite sport)?

“My first love was basketball but just a year ago, I fell in love more with Brazilian jiu-jitsu and surfing. For a time until the pandemic happened, I was mainly focused on training BJJ daily whenever I was free from work and surfing whenever there are waves coming. But since the lockdown, I have focused on training calisthenics, better known as body weight workouts, and also incorporate Kettlebell training. I do these workouts and just mix them up depending on what I feel like doing for the day. I also love other martial arts discipline such as boxing and Muay Thai. I do some yoga on the side for physical and mental recovery.”

How much sleep do you get per night?

“As much as possible, I try to get at least eight hours of sleep if my schedule allows. But I’m also an insomniac so there are nights where I struggle to get some proper snooze in.”

Favorite sleepwear (ever sleep in the nude)?

“Boxers. I used to sleep nude when I had my own place, I mean, I’m sure everyone else does that, hahaha!!! Why wouldn’t you? It’s the comfiest thing ever. Hahahaha!”

Last thing that you do before sleeping?

“Brush my teeth and wash my face. Overthinking? Hahaha!!!”

First thing that you do as soon as you wake up?

“I try to practice meditation the moment I wake up.”

How do you cope with stress (music, movies, meditation, massage)?

“I love listening to music when I’m stressed out and just sit in silence and enjoy the groove. But I usually just binge by watching movies or Netflix shows on my list. I meditate, too, when I feel like I’m extremely overwhelmed with stress so I can realign my mind and body before I go back into reality and tackle the causes of my stress. Definitely, a big yes for a full-body massage to relieve stress.”

Favorite hideaway?

“The beach.”

How’s your love life/sex life?

“A - M - A - Z - I - N - G !!!”

How old were you when you lost your innocence?

“My family would probably get a chance to read this so I’d say somewhere along my teenage years? Hahahaha!!!”

To an older woman, younger woman or woman your age?

“A woman my age.”

Three women that you find sexy?

“Miranda Kerr, Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence.”

How do you make a woman know that you admire her?

“I tell her straight as soon as we get to a comfortable and trusting part of our friendship.”

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