A Clear shot at looking like Piolo
ALL THAT SHNAZZ - Alexei Villaraza () - July 31, 2011 - 12:00am

It’s hard for a guy to admit they find certain men good-looking. Maybe unless the man we’re talking about is Piolo Pascual — he with the chiseled jaw, six-pack abs, and multi-million-peso endorsement deals.  

When I look at his billboards that make up 80 percent of EDSA real estate, I always wonder what his diet or workout program’s like. Then I sob at the thought that when God was handing out good looks to mankind, I may have been sleeping under a cloud.

When you’re right in front of Piolo, you begin to understand why anyone would fall for the guy. Almost perfect, he exudes this celebrity glow. Either that or it’s Make Up For Ever.

Piolo clearly knows how to take care of himself. He says there are many things you can do to improve yourself: “You have to workout, you have to go to your dermatologist, you have to keep a balanced diet, but it all begins with loving yourself.”

Almost Piolo

To look like a celebrity, keep in mind the total three package: face, body, hair. With that in mind, I began my quest to inch my way towards ultimate Piolo-ness.

I started off with a strict low-carb, high-protein tuna diet, paired with regular work out sessions to strengthen my core. I’ve been doing regular visits to the derma for blemish-zapping treatments to make my face smooth as a baby’s behind, plus trips to the dentist for maintenance of my pearly whites. With my face and body in check, all I needed to work on was my hair.

Piolo said, aside from knowing that you have to take care of yourself, you have to know what products to use, specifically for hair. “We are in a tropical country so it’s easy to sweat and get oily. Men are oilier than women so you have to know which products to use.” 

Most Pinoy men could care less about what they lather onto their hair, often using whatever is sitting in the shower area, without knowing that different types of shampoo are made for all sorts of hair.

They don’t realize they should also take care of their scalp, because a healthy scalp means healthy hair growth.

The Clear Solution

Piolo shares the only thing that touches his crowning glory is Clear Men. “My hair used to get dry while my scalp would get itchy and flaky from all the styling and hours staying under the sun during shoots. There was even a time when I had falling hair. Clear Men is the solution to my hair concerns. In a way, it boosted my confidence because I don’t need to worry about embarrassing hair problems.”

The author Alexei Villaraza (left) with actor Piolo Pascual and all-around charmer, RJ Ledesma

Ever since he started using Clear Men, Piolo said he is happy and satisfied with the results. “Because Clear Men is three times more effective at fighting dandruff, provides longer lasting anti-dandruff protection, and leaves hair three times stronger versus the leading anti-dandruff shampoo brand, I know it’s high quality and gives the best performance,” Piolo pointed out. 

Clear Men is the only shampoo endorsed by the International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology. It has Pro Nutrium 10, which provides much-needed nourishment that targets the core of hair problems: an unhealthy scalp.

This formulation is a potent combination of two powerful anti-dandruff ingredients — Zinc Pyrithione and Climbazole — that work together to combat the cause of dandruff and scalp problems.

I’ve been religiously using Clear for the past couple of weeks, sometimes taking longer than usual in the shower because I massage the shampoo onto my scalp then shape my hair into a cone before rinsing it off. I don’t even bother using hair products anymore because with healthy hair and a nourished scalp, all you’ll want to do is show it off.   

Though I’m not close to looking like Piolo, knowing I keep my body in tiptop shape, have healthy skin, and sport hair and scalp that’s in good condition, I already feel like a star like him.

* * *

Alexei blogs at www.allthatshnazz.wordpress.com.

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