Ironing out some kinks
POGI FROM A PARALLEL UNIVERSE - RJ Ledesma (The Philippine Star) - July 27, 2016 - 12:00am

Among the kinks of locally based but internationally known kink artist Master Red is that he likes giving a good spanking. And he’s so good at what he does that he’s got a waiting list of people who want to get spanked by him (if only he had the time). In fact, he’s willing to spank you, too. For charity. That is, if you come to the first-ever Kink Karnival in the kountry, este, country.

 RJ LEDESMA: You go by the name “Master Red” in the “kink” community. Is that an elective position? Or did it require higher studies?

MASTER RED: (Laughs) I have been anointed after years of practice and they gave me the leather crown!

Before becoming Master Red, were you previously known as Undergraduate Red?

I didn’t declare the “Master” title on myself. When other people start calling you “Master,” that’s when you’re there.

(No Girlfriend Since Birth [NGSB] representative: I’m a master too, of—)

What exactly do you do as Master Red, and is it anything that I might have seen on Game of Thrones?

I’m sure the images in your readers’ heads are of people in gimp suits.

Yes, and I have Quentin Tarantino to thank for that.

For performances, I do tons of different things. I do everything from single-tailed whips and floggers to primarily rope suspension and acrobatic suspension.

I hear those are really good cardiovascular exercises. Are you the one doing the whipping or are you the one being whipped?

Doing the whipping, I like to give pain I don’t like to take pain. (Laughs)

(NGSB representative: I like to take pain relievers. Is that kind of like the same thing?)

For the first-ever Kink Karnival, what will you be performing? And can I bring my yaya along as my security blanket?

For the most part, I’ll be (performing) with a super-strong and super-flexible male and female professional dancer both of whom I’ll be tying up. Now (try picturing them in) aerial silks. I’ll be tossing the dancers up in the air and into different positions: upside down, sideways, spinning.

Sounds like a real carnival to me. Will there be clowns and bearded ladies and contortionists?

No clowns, but there will be usherettes dressed in latex or bondage outfits! We are also going to do a spanking booth, and we are thinking of donating the proceeds (from the booth) to charity.  

(Dirty Old Man [DOM] representative: I’ll give to charity until it hurts.)

There’s going to be a lot of shows going on. There’s going to be burlesque dancers, fire dancers, a lot of people being tied up, whipped and flogged. But not random people. As an audience member, you are safe.


(RJ’S Yaya: Shucks.)

As an audience member, you are as safe as you need to be. But, be careful what you ask for.

(DOM representative: I have a checklist of things I want to ask for. I just need the approval of my gerontologist, urologist and gastroenterologist.)  

I understand that there are some international performers coming for the Karnival. Why? Isn’t our local kink good enough?

(Laughs) I’ve been doing this for 20 years and there’s still a lot to learn. You pick up something different from people all the time. For example, Paul Wan — our performer from Taiwan — what he does (is incredible) and I just don’t have the patience to do what he does! I may be far more experienced, but he’s got the patience to tie up a girl or a guy, dressed in drag and pantyhose, in intricate and beautiful spider web knots. His work (resembles) a spider web with a person inside of it. And the performer from the Netherlands is Filipina! She’s Miss M and her group is AMystique Femdom international. And she is not nice — she is more on the SM side.

(NGSB representative: You mean she’s got it all for you?)

Sadomasochism. Less Zombie Tsunami please and more of Wikipedia. 

She likes to do very mean things to tied-up guys. But voluntarily only. 

Yaya, I know what you’re thinking! Please don’t volunteer me. Except for people like the DOMs and NGSBs who are prevented from attending the event due to legal, security and aesthetic reasons, I’m curious as to the type of people who attend a “kink” event?  

You’d be surprised. For my performance at Manila Burlesque, I tied a model on one side and two models on the other side, moved them to all the different positions, then brought them down. After that, I put up a male and female model, and my wife Valeria Blue did a burlesque dance around them for the opening show. Sitting a few feet away from me during the performance were four super-quiet and very polite lolas who looked like they belong to the “ladies who lunch” set.

(DOM representative: Oh yes, I’ve dated a couple of them.)

I was nervous during the whole performance because they weren’t clapping or cheering. I had no idea how they were taking this! I hoped I wasn’t offending someone because that’s the last thing you want to do.

I’m sure it’s difficult to offend when you’re tied up with rope, dripping with candlewax and dressed in latex.

After the show, these ladies approached me in the lobby and said they wanted to take selfies with me! You’d never think in a million years that they were kinky and that they enjoyed the show. And the only reason that they went was that one of them dared the other to buy the tickets to watch the show!   

(DOM representative: If you’re tying them up for the Karnival, I want to buy out the whole front row.)

Any advice for any first-time attendees of a kink event? Should they get life insurance? Should they wear adult diapers? Should they go to confession right after?

Come with an open mind and expect to have fun, even if you don’t know that you’re kinky. Look it’s a carnival! Don’t take it — and yourselves — too seriously.

(RJ’s Yaya: Ilabas na ang latex yaya uniform!)

 * * *

The first-ever Kink Karnival is on July 30 at Pineapple Lab.  Doors open at 3 p.m. For more information, visit 

For comments, suggestions or a rubber ball gag, email or visit  Follow @rjled on Twitter and @rjled610 on Instagram.

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