A stan's letter to Manny

- Ben Pablo () - November 20, 2010 - 12:00am

Dear Pacman,

Big ups on the win! That wasn’t even close. We didn’t expect anything less from you, and as usual you didn’t disappoint. How are your ribs? You’ve got everybody worried about you. I mean, you were on the news saying you got hurt bad, and you even got people talking about you retiring. What’s up with that? I find it hard to believe that age is catching up with you. You’re far too young and way too strong to be limited by your body.

We’re really excited to get you back here. I think the term “Hero’s welcome” is so appropriate and it shouldn’t be limited to particular cities. Every time you make us proud overseas, the whole country can’t wait to wrap its arms around its favorite son once you return. I hope you know that.

Anyway, I’ve heard about your parties, man. So what’s a dude gotta do to get into one of those? What’re you the Puff Daddy of the Orient? Send some invites my way, man! Hit me up on Twitter.

I can imagine dozens of lechon lined up and stacks of beer cases taller than the PBA players who’ll be there. Politicians, actors, models — the who’s who of Filipino elite drinking ‘til morning. And of course, there’s karaoke! Can I request for you to sing Joshua Kadison’s Beautiful in My Eyes? I think that’s another sappy song you can really revive into mainstream consciousness. You’re that influential. You’re like the new Jesus Christ.

So how’s Jinkee? Saw her on television during the fight. She looks like she put on a little weight. But that’s nothing 20 million dollars can’t fix, right? LOL Just messing with you. She looks fine. But speaking of spectators that night, I think I speak for everyone when I say that your mom gave us a little scare there. I hope she’s doing fine and back to feeding hogs and cooking you fish.

Now, talking about fish reminds me of something. Everybody knows by now how you’re the shark in the pond of boxing, and Gayweather’s just another guppy. So what if he won’t fight you? Like you said, your legacy doesn’t need him, and his own little legacy doesn’t need you to squash it. Just let that little fishy swim away. Don’t sweat it.

Well, there’s not much more I want to tell you. Okay, that’s a lie. There are a hundred things I wish I could talk to you about! I wanna play ball with you, and drink with you and just chill with you and a bunch of women. But let’s keep that on the low. It’s every fan’s dream to spend time with you. One can only wish!

I guess the last thing I really want to leave on the table is what I think of you getting into politics. We all think it’s great what you’re doing as a Congressman. I mean, I don’t know EXACTLY what you’re doing, but I’m sure it’s great. Your intentions seem pure, and we all hope that you won’t let those powerful “friends” of yours riding your coattails take any part in your decision-making or cloud your judgment whatsoever.

That’s right, Manny. It’s a long way to go, but I know you’re already thinking about it. The bottom line is that I actually wouldn’t mind having someone up there who’s inexperienced, as long as he has integrity and genuinely cares. I mean, look who we have now.

Knock ‘em dead.

Yours truly,


* * *

P.S. We should be together, too?

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