What question would you like to ask, to whom, and why?
WORDS WORTH - Mons Romulo (The Philippine Star) - March 2, 2014 - 12:00am

We all have questions that we would like to ask others, questions we may have regret asking and questions we regret that we never tried to ask. Having been a college student at UP taught me to come out of my shell, express my views and opinions when needed. I’m also very fortunate that through my column, I have the opportunity to ask personalities their views on certain topics, leaving no stone unturned and with so much to learn through the answers they give.

Read on as some personalities share with us that one person they would like to ask a question to and what they would ask.

Paolo Garcia,beat producer/sound collagist

To people inside an elevator: Okay people, are you ready to take this sh*t to a whole ‘notha level?

Gene Orejana, former TV and talk show host

I would be asking Lee Harvey Oswald the question: Who was the mastermind of the assassination of John F. Kennedy?

Cito Beltran, STAR columnist

Yamashita: Where did you bury the treasure?


Tony Lambino, head of communication, IRRI

I’d ask the all-grown-up version of my six-year-old daughter, Monica: Looking back, what are the things you wish daddy did more of while you were growing up?

Argee Guevarra, lawyer

Question directed to congressmen and senators who crafted the Anti-Cyber Crime Law: Which particular excretory muscle in your anatomy was responsible for this piece of legislation and would you mind getting stuck up by an endoscope where the sun doesn’t shine?

Avel Bacudio, fashion designer

Eleven years ago (Feb. 28), my father departed this earth to join my mother in heaven. I will always be grateful for the blessing of being born to these two people who did not have a lot of worldly resources but has blessed the 10 of us with their love and nurturing. I am always reminded of the example that they both set  in some area of struggle that I went through. I have always wanted  to ask them how they’d like to be remembered. I can only remember  them with so much admiration for what they did and who they were... and I wish they are beaming from above seeing what I have  become because of them.

Louie Ocampo, musical director and composer

I’d ask any of the Apostles: Aside from preaching did Jesus ever have a light moment with you guys? Was there a time when He was funny and shared a joke?

Shawn Yao, TV 5 host and news reporter

No! I don’t want to preempt life, and usually, with time these questions answer themselves. Besides, questions are a good thing to have, it’s the driving force  of life — we spend our whole lives trying to answer questions, and some of them never really have answers.

Divine Lee, TV host

After visiting Russia, I’ve always had this fascination with the Yusopov family. Knowing a bit of history (since I’ve been reading about their story because of my keen interest in the subject), my question would be for the remaining Yusopov members that were saved from the uprising. How they felt when they visited the Yusopov Palace that is not under the government? What are the “misconceptions” they want to correct in current history books? And my last question would be much like a fairytale, did any of their family members talk about the Romanovs and what is their theory about Anastasia?



Rachel Alejandro, actress and singer

The one question I would ask the greatest finance expert in the world is: What should my sister and I do to grow our food business into something that would not only take care of us for the rest of our lives but also secure my niece Arya’s future, so she never wants for anything?  More than anything in the world, I want Arya to be and do anything her heart desires.

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