The DNA of winners

- Francis J. Kong - The Philippine Star

There are people who seem to experience success on a consistent basis. But, then again, there are the ones who seem to waste their life and never ever achieving something substantial.

Think of your schoolmates. How many among them who were voted as “most likely to succeed” but actually did not do well at all? And how many among them you considered “losers” but turned out differently?

What makes these people accomplish great things? What makes winners succeed?

There must be a “genetic code” winners possess that makes them stand out from the crowd.

I have encountered a lot of them, and I would like to conclude that these are the genes we would find in the DNA of top achievers:

1. Winners have a sense of destiny

They sense that their life has a purpose and that there’s a reason they have been created in such a time like this.

People without any purpose live meaningless lives. They don’t really live, they merely exist. They look at work as a punishment, a necessary evil. Had it not been for the payroll then they wouldn’t even be there in the first place.

You cannot stop a person who has a sense of destiny. This person has a predisposition to setting high, lofty goals. They know that the journey to getting their objectives will be littered with oppositions and challenges. They face them, they fall, but they bounce back.

The cause of their work is bigger than the cost of their hardships. They have a sense of mission. This is what pushes them to do what they do.

2. Winners hate the status quo

Top achievers are people who won’t and can’t settle for the status quo, in fact they hate it. They have a gnawing sense of urgency knowing that time is precious and their current success is no guarantee for a secure future. These winners hate the word “Average.” The words “Level Up” are constantly on their lips.

This is why they stretch themselves, and in many cases, these stretching exercises produce stress, but they know it is the source of building strength.

They want to get better and put their eyes on goals way above what the ordinary people see. They may not hit the goal every time but they end up being higher than the “average” people are able to accomplish.

What they can do is outstanding, and this is what makes them stand out.

3. Winners are intently focused on their goals

It is in the DNA of winners NOT to be distracted from their desired destination.

They are not easily sidetracked by things or activities that will not add value to their success goals. They know that success is a process and that it takes time for maturation of ideas and consistent execution that will bring them to their desired destination.

They even turn down offers for the good things and keep their eyes on getting the best ones instead.

4. Winners exhibit humility

High achievers and consistent winners know that the key to getting their desired outcome is to have the ability to spot and use the available resources accordingly.

They understand that they cannot succeed alone. They know that they have their own weaknesses and are willing to be corrected. They need the expertise of other people to help them succeed.

These winners are not afraid of asking questions and asking for help. They do not pretend to be the smartest person in the room. They constantly learn from others and once they achieve their goals, they really do not bother to flaunt it. They are on their way to achieving their next better goal instead.

5. Winners help others to become successful

I have met people who have accomplished a reasonable amount of success, but eventually get greedy. Suddenly, it is all about them!

They want to achieve more at the expense of others. They compromise on principles, behave unethically, and begin using people for their own advantage.

Then there are the real winners who know that their position of influence can open doors to help other people succeed.

These are the things that make these winners unique. You respect them. You admire them and wish that one day you would become like them.

You may or can be one of them. The good news is that these winners’ DNA we talk about can be developed, unlike the biological DNA we are stuck with.

Life is one beautiful adventure and we should never waste it by being stuck on being “Average.” Strive for excellence and be prepared to experience fullness of life.

Make it your goal this year to achieve success by increasing competence, acquiring new skills, learning new things, developing character, improving attitude, serving others and experiencing new wins you have never experienced before in your life.

Make it a winning year!

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