The curious case of a former emo kid

Roxy M.Valencerina (The Philippine Star) - November 9, 2012 - 12:00am

MANILA, Philippines - Case study: A third person assessment of the author’s outgrown geekery for punk emo band, My Chemical Romance

Observation duration: 2007 - 2009 and present time

Initial Stages

a) The music video Helena by My Chemical Romance is introduced to the subject by her sister. Subject quickly concludes the disturbing band as, well, disturbing. Helena randomly plays on MTV. As Gerard Way, the raven-haired lead singer, croons in perfect pitch, a teenage crush is developed. Subject informs her sister about the band. The sister gives the subject the stink eye, by saying she discovered them first. Both sides argue in laying claim over who discovered the band first.

b) Subject buys My Chemical Romance’s albums “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge” and “The Black Parade” overseas. The angry riffs of “Sweet Revenge’s” blast through her family’s rent-a-car. Subject displays great attachment to the new record. Upon accidentally sitting on the CD case and consequently breaking it, subject consoles her still bleeding heart by singing the very songs that she sat on.

Peak Stages

a) Subject has a full on MCR binge. Three official MCR shirts are purchased to authenticate fandom. A military jacket is also purchased to complement “The Black Parade” image. Crouching on the ground while wearing the standard calf-length uniform, subject throws on her military jacket, and dramatically thrusts her right hand in the air pretending to be Gerard Way in MCR’s music video, Famous Last Words. A random classmate wholeheartedly applauds said impression. Official fandom is confirmed. A task list for the future is then written for class. Subject writes: #97 Have a date with Gerard Way. Subject’s best friend nods her head in approval for the future date.

b) One morning in January 2008, subject’s sister shoves a newspaper in her face. MCR is playing live in Manila. Seats are booked in a matter of five hours. School fair is missed in favor of the MCR concert, doubling emo rebel points. Two more shirts are bought from the concert. Concert proper. Subject hops up on the monoblock chair, lets out a blood curdling screech, and screams, “I f*cking love emo punk rock!” More hand gestures are mimicked from Famous Last Words. Band then sings a song from their debut album. Subject has no idea there was an album prior to “Sweet Revenge.” Subject purposefully obstructs her face with her long hair to hide the tinge of pink flashing on her cheeks. Hardcore fan fail.

c) Illusionary feelings of excitement of ending up with Gerard Way overcome her. Then, an unexpected surge of romantic feelings are passed on to Frank Iero, the band’s guitarist. Subject experiences inner conflict. School finals gets in the way. MCR is used as a motivational tool for studying. Subject graduates high school.

Waning Stages

a) College begins. Black eyeliner becomes a precious commodity. Subject ensures that everyone knows who her favourite band is by wearing a different MCR shirt everyday for a week. All of the shirts end up in the laundry. By chance, MGMT is introduced to subject. The shirts go missing. The cardigan and flowery flippy skirt combo is then discovered.

b) The application of eye make-up is eased out from the daily routine. MTV announces that MCR released a new album, “Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.” The word “fabulous” in their album puts the subject off. Subject disassociates with the band and says, “I only like their early stuff.” Ownership of MCR shirts is forgotten.

Final Stage

a) Subject graduates from college. “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge” is accidentally unearthed during a car ride to work. After track eight, subject laughs, and tells herself out loud, “Heh heh, ang ingay,” officially terminating MCR fandom. Subject finishes the CD, puts it back in its case, and pops in a Franz Ferdinand album. Current whereabouts of the MCR CD is unknown. Subject sticks to Franz Ferdinand.

Conclusion: Subject’s entire MCR fandom lasts for a year and a half. Although geekery ended as fast as it had begun, subject displays great pride in her emo phase, noting that genuine passion and dedication about anything is hard to come by. New passion about something else is still unknown.

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