Becky Boot Camp

- Adrianne Concepcion -

MANILA, Philippines - Commanding all queers! Put your glittered gear on, and prepare for battle. Missiles and artillery may be the military’s weapon of choice, but the pink army is equipped with a secret weapon powerful enough to dominate the world. Created in remote command centers, the pink army has formulated a secret Morse code that is camouflaged not by foliage and face paint, but by humor and wit: gay lingo.

Their stealth warhead doesn’t involve atomic particles and nuclear reactors, but it’s strong enough to paralyze even the greatest dicktator. The gays have fought long and hard (battles!) against double standards and social injustices throughout the course of history, and have gone a long way from mass ridicule and abomination. Although we are headed towards a new age of liberation and freedom, intelligence reports say that the glam squadron is still battling discrimination against homophobes and narrow-minded sectors.

Used as a weapon of mass distraction, gay lingo is a defense mechanism to unify gay units and factions. From the skilled manicuristas and the attention-loving divading belting out Mariah and Whitney, to the fierce fashion editors and the celebrity makeup artists, the gay lingo has centralized a form of communication unique to the local queer scene. This scheme utilizes their innate knack for playing with words and their sly quirk of sarcasm and gag, clever yet cunning.

Not merely a tool for retaliation and silent bombardment, the gay lingo has penetrated the mainstream circuit. Learning it isn’t exclusive to the members of the third sex, but also to the fag hags and everyone else willing to accept and defend the fortress of equality and diversity.

 A burgeoning culture all on its own, the lingo has moved beyond the spheres of the gay world. It won’t be shocking to hear someone say “kalerkey” in two different worlds: a modest wet market and an uptight society event. It has seeped through the veins of the greater social network.

To equip you with some glittered bullets, here are some words to head start your Becky Boot Camp. Forward, strut, go!

Becky (bé-qûì) n. 1. Princess Sarah’s besh 2. A gay person

Besh (bèsh) n. 1. Best friend

Chos (chòs) n. 1. A joke

Echosera (e-chò-s-ráh) n. 1. A person who makes jokes 2. A person who sucks-up through false praises 3. A liar 4. A person not to be taken seriously

Waley (wá-lèy) n. 1. An expression of nonchalance after a corny joke, adj. 1. a dead person, a loser, an incompetent person 2. To describe anything that’s a flop 3. To describe basically anything that’s negative

Waleyin (wá-lè-yìn) v. 1. To ignore 2. To disrespect 3. To take for granted

Kabugera (khá-b-g-ráh) adj. 1. To describe a show-off or an outstanding person

Hada (h-dà) v. 1. To eat 2. To feast

Kalerkey (kúh-lér-qúi) n. 1. Oh my god 2. An expression of extreme, overwhelming situations 2 3. Craziness, madness adj. 1. To describe a rattling situation 2. To describe a crazy person 3. To describe greatness 4. To describe the intensity of stress

Bet (bt) v.t. 1. To Like 2. To approve

Chaka (schá-qûa) adj. 1. Ugly 2. Atrocious 3. Unattractive

Pahada (p-ha-dà) n. 1. A straight guy who feeds the hungry souls

Felix bakat (fé-lix ba-cát) adj. 1. A protruding form 2. A visibly healthy John 3. A distinct outline

Wiz (wz), Wit (wit) adv. 1. No 2. Not

Nota (no-tá) n. 1. A hotdog 2. A pipe 3. A cylinder 4. A tube 5. A bat

Effect (e-fk) adj. 1. To describe a cutie, a hottie, a crush-worthy 2. someone powerful, successful, socially relevant 3. To describe anything successful (event, ordeal, object, etc.)

Patola (pa-t-láh) n. 1. An adventurous straight guy 2. A flexible, easily adapting guy 3. A becky’s wish/prayer

Gora (go-ráh) v. 1. To go

Haggardo Versoza (Ha-Gar-dò Ver-sh-zúh) n. 1. A risqué Filipino actor adj. 1. Extreme exhaustion 2. Fatigue 3. Overworked

Chipas (Chee-pás) adj. 1. Cheap 2. Tacky

Keri (qúe-ree) adj. 1. To describe a hot guy 2. Fine 3. “Okay lang

Bufra (boof-rh) n. 1. Boyfriend

Bagelya (bá-ghél-yûh) n. 1. A bag

Keme (qûe-mè) n. 1. A joke 2. A replacement for any word

Karu (k-roo) n. 1. A car

Eksena (ek-se-núh), Ganap (ghû-nhûp), G (gee) v.t. 1. To make a scene 2. To hit the social circuit n. 1. A happening 2. An ordeal











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