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FROM MY HEART - Barbara Gonzalez Ventura (The Philippine Star) - January 19, 2020 - 12:00am

At the beginning of every year I take time to assess my health, especially this year because I am 75. Let me tell you something I have learned. Seventy-five is the year when you realize you are old. Two months ago I had a bad fall. It hurt me so much to stand up and walk. Cold compresses, medicines and a cane helped a lot. This made me realize that I am indeed getting old.

 Around the time I fell I asked a few of my customers for StemEnhance Ultra why they always bought from me. My advertising background makes me value their opinions. I always want to know why they buy it, how it makes them feel. You see, StemEnhance Ultra gives us two to three million more stem cells that circulate around our bodies repairing cells that need repair and replacing dead cells. That’s pretty general. It doesn’t answer the question “What does it cure specifically?” because that might be different for every person. For me, I know it continues to give me more energy. I increased my dosage since I fell and I think it has contributed to the healing of my pains but I don’t know for sure. So I ask a few of the people who buy from me and my supplier.

 One of my customers has a husband who had a stroke. While exchanging text with her I thought it was a minor stroke. She ordered one bottle first. Then she ordered 12 bottles. “Why?” I asked. She said, “My husband used to sleep 20-22 hours a day.  After I gave him your capsules he began to be more awake during the day. I want to give him more so he will be awake longer, so he will become better.” This made me very grateful.  I think that’s why I continue to sell it. It gives me a chance to help other people.

 Another customer told me she used to cough all the time.  Now she doesn’t cough anymore. A daughter who buys it for her mother tells me her mother feels better every day.  Another daughter tells me her mother, who is 92, takes it because she believes it makes her look younger. Her memory is still good and she walks around the house unaided, does her household chores and watches sports on TV!   

 Then there was Anton, not his real name, who accidentally hit the right side of his abdomen against the corner of his desk.  He suffered excruciating pain that would not wear off. His family administered first aid but it didn’t help. He went to see a doctor who did a checkup and asked him to have his blood examined and made him undergo many lab tests. Soon he was diagnosed with Stage 4 liver cancer. He was given only a few months to live. His family was terrified. They did not want to take the risk of subjecting him to chemotherapy or radiation.  They didn’t want him getting violently sick.

 Anton felt he needed an effective alternative treatment. He needed a few more years. There were still a lot of unfinished tasks to deal with but he had no idea where he might get help. Apparently Anton was one of the mentors of my supplier’s husband. He immediately went to see Anton and put him on a mega-dose of two capsules every three hours round the clock and two capsules Plasma Flo an hour after every lunch. Stem Enhance Ultra supports the natural release of our own adult stem cells. These adult stem cells replenish blood and improve the immune systems damaged by the cancer cells. PlasmaFlo supports optimal blood flow and capillary health for unobstructed delivery of oxygen, nutrients and stem cells. These two signature products work synergistically to achieve full potency. These two drugs working together gave Anton five more years of life instead of the maximum six months given to him.

The team of doctors handling Anton was not told about StemEnhance and PlasmaFlo. They were simply amazed by the prolonged lifespan of their patient. The oncologist said that in his 40 years of practice as oncologist to thousands of cancer patients, Anton was one of only two patients he has had who lived far beyond a year upon pronouncement of late stage liver cancer.

I am told that StemEnhance Ultra and PlasmaFlo may extend life for some but have not yet been established as cures for cancer. Nevertheless, they do extend lives for people who are battling to survive. That encourages me to keep selling these products.

I sometimes feel that I should have patients like these once in a while, though I know I would be scared to death if I did. Or maybe I do have some patients like these but they just don’t want me to know. They just want to send me their orders regularly and not really fully reveal what they’re using them for.

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