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DFA: 'We refuse to dignify' Chinese general's comment

Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario and Chinese Major General Luo Yuan. (file photos)

MANILA, Philippines - The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Secretary Albert del Rosario refused to give importance to a Chinese general's accusations against the Philippines, an official said Friday.

DFA spokesperson Raul Hernandez said in a press conference that he consulted Del Rosario about a remark by People's Liberation Army Major General Luo Yuan who said the Philippines is a "trouble maker" in the South China Sea dispute.

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"I just talked to the secretary about this and he said, 'This is my response: We refuse to dignify the statement made by the Chinese general'," Hernandez said.

Luo took a swipe at the Philippines for allegedly stirring controversy in the region by asking the United States' cooperation on the maritime crisis with Beijing.

"The role of the Philippines in the South China Sea is actually, in my view, a troublemaker," Luo said, addressing foreign press Thursday in a conference on China's border tension with India.

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On Thursday, Del Rosario invited China's foreign minister Wang Yi to visit the Philippines for a discussion "on all issues" concerning the two countries.

China, meanwhile, has agreed to participate in formal talks with Southeast Asian countries in September to set the stage for a binding Code of Conduct over the disputed waters.

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