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PLDT Home launches Tvolution

MANILA, Philippines - PLDT Home introduces the first of many innovations that will reshape the way Filipinos live their online lives.

Their first offering for 2014 gives Filipinos the chance to turn their ordinary TVs into Internet TVs with TVolution. PLDT Home was quick to spot the opportunities presented by global trends that suggest that the largest growing audience is online, and that they want video on demand (VOD). A report for a large venture investment firm points to “the increased use of broadband, wireless home networks, rich media formats and devices capable of carrying Internet and video” as driving the Internet TV revolution.

To support its subscribers’ use of innovative applications relying on Internet access, PLDT recently expanded its fiber network to 78,000 kilometers. This is part of the P19B capital expenditure modernization investment of the PLDT Group as it solidifies its position as the country’s pioneering multimedia company.

The multimedia revolution comes to Filipino viewers through the TVolution, a tiny TV box capable of accessing the Internet and networking with other devices.

Small device, great entertainment powered by quad-core processors, the TVolution operates on an Android-based platform. It connects to any HDMI-ready TV and syncs with a PLDT  Home Fibr WiFi connection.

Subscribers only need to make a minimal addition of P199 to their monthly Fibr subscriptions to access to a whole new world of content online through their TV.

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“The TVolution is just the first in many technological innovations PLDT HOME is pioneering with the aim of making it every Filipino family’s multimedia home. With the TVolution, the entire Internet is at Fibr subscribers’ fingertips,” says Gary Dujali, PLDT VP and head of Home broadband.

He adds, “TVolution is entertainment on demand; the days of aimless channel-surfing, looking for something good to watch, are over. Now, all of the video content of the Internet is made available to TVolution subscribers.”

For details, log on to www.pldthome.com or call 101-FIBR.

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