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The latest buzz in town: 'Baygon-Off! Iwas Dengue'

MANILA, Philippines - The Philippines’ biggest private-sector anti-dengue crusade continues as SC Johnson Philippines partners with ABS-CBN Foundation through Bantay Bata 163 in preventing the spread of the deadly virus. 

The “Baygon-Off! Iwas Dengue” advocacy campaign aims to educate the public on the importance of proper household and community care in the fight against dengue. With Bantay Bata 163 joining the advocacy, anti-dengue medical missions will be conducted in identified dengue hotspots nationwide. Through this, the campaign has put emphasis on a very important social demographic — children.

Philippine health officials have warned the public of a sharp increase in expected dengue cases during this rainy season. During the first six months of the year, there were a total of 10,383 cases of dengue, including 104 deaths, reported in the country. Children comprise a significant percentage of those infected.

“Media and the private sector play a vital role in disseminating anti-dengue campaign messages to the consumer and household level. But more than public awareness, public participation is key to curbing the spread of the dreaded disease. Thus, we encourage everyone to join us in this cause,“ urges Mon Daez, SC Johnson’s Malay cluster head. 

Every purchase of Baygon or Off! products can help fund the medical missions in identified dengue hotspots.

Now in its 12th year, the “Baygon-Off! Iwas Dengue” campaign has already reached the one million household beneficiaries mark. It provides free spraying operations for identified dengue-contaminated communities and conducts educational caravans about the virus and disease prevention.

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Dengue fever is one of the most prevalent illnesses in the Philippines. A combination of warm temperature and above-average rainfall creates an environment where the dreaded dengue-carrier Aedes aegypti mosquito thrives. The virus has also shown increased incidence in areas lacking proper sanitation in urban areas.

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