Cussing and cursing

- Francis J. Kong - The Philippine Star

I post stuff on my Facebook pages every day.

Over the years the pages have built up a steady following. I post my thoughts, people “like” them, they make comments, and I learn from them. This wonderful technology was not available before and I really enjoy using it.

There are so many nice and kind people expressing their feelings and insights about my posts. Many of them do not agree with my thoughts and opinions, and they argue with respect and kind words.

But then again there are those who disagree violently and would begin to offend, insult and use four-letter words, cussing and cursing as if a great offense has been done against them.

This made me think.

Why would people use such a venue to vent their angst and use foul words to express their thoughts?

And here is another interesting observation.

Once in a while I would discuss spiritual issues. When I mention God in my posts there will be people who would label me as “delusional.” I don’t mind. They are of course entitled to their own opinions about me even though they do not know me. But when I mention “Jesus Christ” that’s when certain people really get verbally violent.

All these cuss and curse words come right out. All these four-letter words are sprinkled all over the conversation.

I personally find them offensive. Maybe some people don’t. To them they are just words.

But here is the deal. Words are powerful and words are not “just words.” Words carry meanings. Cussing and cursing has no place in decent and intelligent conversations.

I am not sure if the same people who cuss and curse in digital social networks would use the same language when they converse with their parents or their grandparents.

Our words reflect our thoughts and values. They actually reveal our character. The use of profanity debilitates a person and limits him or her from future opportunities.

I have been in the company of the most successful business professionals and entrepreneurs not only in this country, but abroad and when I converse with them I notice that their conversation is graced with polite words and all of them without exception is courteous.

I have been in the company of people who struggle with their careers, relationships at home and I observe that the way they speak and converse is rough and laced with profanity. Could there be a correlation? I wonder.

Let’s just be practical. I move in the circle of HR practitioners. I am sure none of these professional would hire an individual because of their mastery over profanity and their expertise on vulgar language. I have transacted business throughout my entire lifetime, and I have never met a client who would trust me because I am so good with using foul four-letter words in our conversation.

I can’t imagine the day would come when my daughters would excitedly tell me, “Dad, I want you to meet a suitor of mine who is so good at cussing and cursing I am sure he would make me a good husband and a great father for my future kids.”

Using vulgar, racist or sexist language does not make one witty, it only fouls and pollutes the air. Successful people are careful with their words and they are polite and respectful. Their words reveal their character.

For Jesus was right after all when He said: “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” (Hopefully no cussing this time….)

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