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Ways to increase productivity in the workplace

Anyone who spends grueling hours at an office knows what it is like to feel the drag of kicking off the work week.

Anyone who spends grueling hours at an office knows what it is like to feel the drag of kicking off the work week. The annoying Monday morning alarm and the burning desire to hit 5 p.m. on a Friday may sound all too familiar. That burnout you're experiencing is totally normal, but that does not mean unproductive days should be.

While it is it is hard to keep your focus and hit the floor peppy, keep in mind that your productivity can literally make or break your career. As such, performing as efficiently or effectively as possible is important if you want to secure your long-term job prospects.

So what should you do to beat that productivity lull at your workplace? Break bad habits and start good ones.

Max out that productivity throughout the work week! Here are some tips you may find useful:

Hit your stride: Plan and prioritize

Remember that in any case, time is gold, so if you want to make the most of your day, do not get sucked into unnecessary tasks. Start by making a list of the tasks that you need to accomplish for the day and rank them according to their urgency. Set aside the low-priority items and if possible, delegate some tasks accordingly so you can spend more time on the things that add more value to your work.

Work smart: Finish your tasks, one at a time

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Sure your plate is full for the day, but you do not have to smother yourself with everything else on the table at once. Multi-tasking is a myth, at least neuroscientists think so. Previous studies have shown that trying to accomplish more than one task at a time can actually be more harmful than helpful. Constant task-switching not only affects your work efficiency at the moment, but also encourages bad brain habits that may actually lead to cognitive decline in the long run.

Press pause: Take regular breaks

Most people start their days with hopes of achieving maxed productivity, yet so many end up already exhausted by 2 p.m. Why? It's probably because you've have been sitting for so long at one time.

Scrambling to complete deadlines, answering the slew of emails and phone calls are surely overwhelming, but productivity diminishes the longer you go without a break. So get your blood flowing by taking a short walk down the hall or taking the stairs to get some fresh air outside. This will also reduce the health risks associated with a sedentary work life.

Stay hydrated: Keep your focus sharp and energy up

It may seem trivial but a glass of water might just save your brain and your job. Staying hydrated revitalizes your body and reduces anxiety and stress. A 2013 study conducted by the University of East London showed that drinking water can result in a 14-percent increase in productivity, and yet most of us overlook this most important habit. Water is the ultimate brain food, so make sure you're getting enough to keep alert and focused throughout the day.

Declutter: Create a desk for success, embrace an organized workspace

Chances are, right now, you have so many unnecessary items on your desk. Whether it's that receipt you got from a coffee shop a week ago or folders stacked so high you can't even see your officemate sitting beside you.

Productivity can run dry for a number of reasons, but it shouldn't be due to your disorganized space. Go through your desk, throw away unnecessary items and leave only what is basic and important - phone, computer, essential supplies and the project you're currently working on.


The way an office is set up, along with the furniture affects an employee's productivity. Regus which offers a professional workspace with great interiors and office amenities understands just that. An office make over may just be what you need.


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