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Samsung does the laundry for typhoon victims

Bags of dirty clothes are brought to the Samsung Service Hope center for free laundry.

MANILA, Philippines - Samsung Electronics Phils. Corp. recently launched Samsung Service Hope, a public service effort of the company and its employees to help victims of tropical storm “Ondoy.”

Victims are encouraged to bring their dirty clothes to the parking area of the Ever Gotesco Mall in Ortigas for free laundry services using Samsung washing machines. This service is offered until tomorrow.

Sheila Jaucian, head of the Samsung Service Team, said: “They can also bring Samsung appliances damaged during the flood. We offer free cleaning and check-up plus discounts on repair. While waiting for their laundry they can also use our lines for emergency calls or watch movies in our waiting area.”

Samsung employees take turns in serving the typhoon victims. “Even during weekends you will see Samsung employees helping out in the laundry or simply accepting the items here in the booth. Even our own employees who were victims of the flood are helping out.”

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