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Mark Encarnacion & Angela Cruz: From Boracay to Bohol

Newlyweds Angela and Mark Encarnacion. The bride wears a Martin Bautista gown.

Angela Protasio Cruz was barely aware of Mark Ancheta  Encarnacion  during the summer of 2004 when they bumped into each other in Boracay as high school graduates. They had mutual friends and even though the young Atenean had a crush on the pretty Asumptionista, he didn’t let it show. In fact, she thought he was kind of standoffish and not really her type.

As the years went by, Angela graduated with a psychology degree from Smith College in Massachusetts and joined the banking community. Mark finished college, took up law and eventually joined his grandfather’s law firm, A.Q. Ancheta & Partners.

As a lawyer, he grew close to one of the Cruz brothers since they both belonged to the Aquila Legis fraternity. At first, he was hesitant to ask Angela out because he didn’t want their male friendship to suffer, but it turned out that her brother admitted that the only friend of his that he would have permitted his younger sister to date was Mark.

After a year of being a couple, Mark was ready to take it to the next level. He wanted to keep the proposal a surprise by pretending that it would just be an ordinary dinner date at their favorite restaurant, Rambla (Rockwell), with a few close friends and her siblings around. The unwary Angela was caught off guard for a short while, but was able to shout a resounding “Yes!” to the proposal while everyone cheered.  

For their wedding, the couple wanted it to be an intimate event by holding it in Bohol, their favorite beach destination. Ever practical, they enlisted the assistance of some family members and reliable friends to ensure that the church wedding and dinner reception would proceed smoothly.


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The bride’s good friend, Martin Bautista, designed not only the bridal gown and those of the female entourage, but happily obliged doing the bride’s makeup as well. Another family friend and Angela’s spiritual adviser since her grade school days, Fr. Edwin Soliva, officiated at the San Agustin Church in Panglao.

During the marriage ceremony, Mark lovingly shared, “I first saw you in 2003 wearing jeans and a white shirt, walking in Ateneo to submit your college application. Who would’ve known 14 years down the road I’d see you again in white but this time walking down the aisle to be my wife?” 

At the reception held at the beautiful Amorita Resort, the couple was surprised by the appearance of Dave Moffatt who belongs to the popular Canadian pop/rock band composed of four brothers, The Moffatts. He serenaded them with the group’s hit love songs.

* * *

FilipinaZ fair at 8 Rockwell

Even before the start of the “ber” months, the Zonta Club of Makati & Environs presented their annual FilipinaZ fair with the best in exquisite crafts, jewelry, fashion and art at 8 Rockwell, Makati. 

Prior to the opening cocktails, interested buyers were lining up in their favorite booths to ensure that they would have first dibs on their choices that included fashion accessories, fine and faux jewelry, housewares, art works and collectibles which were prominently displayed.

For years, the group’s organizers have advocated women’s welfare. “All our programs from women’s health services to livelihood generation and more are centered on uplifting women’s lives. All proceeds from this fundraiser will go directly to these programs. FilipinaZ is where you can choose to bring home jewelry, a fine piece of fashion, or a work of art from fine collections,” said Zonta Club of Makati president Armita Rufino.  

The club was chartered in 1971 by then international president Leota Pekrul and has continued its thrust of contributing to the empowerment of women through service and advocacy.

During the three-day sale, one could see that a number of buyers were having a difficult time in deciding what to choose either for themselves or for gift-giving, with the wide array of interesting and innovative high-quality items featuring the best in Philippine craftsmanship and artistry. 

 * * *

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