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Mama Georgina

How ‘It Girl’ Georgina Wilson-Burnand (with son Archie) regained her pre-natal figure with the help of The Belo Clinic  

After giving birth to Archibald Francis Geoffrey “Archie” Burnand, her and husband Arthur Burnand’s first child on Dec. 14 last year, “It Girl” Georgina Wilson was confronted by every new mom’s dilemma — weight gain.

“I took it as a challenge,” said Georgina, “and I addressed it by working out, eating clean and regularly going to The Belo Clinic.”

As the pictures on this page prove, Georgina has regained her pre-natal figure.

“I believe that being a mom is one of the greatest roles a woman has to play,” added Georgina, “but I also want to convey the message to women that taking care of themselves should also be their priority.”

How is married life so far?

“Married life has been so much fun. Arthur and I led such lives before we got married that we both felt it was important to keep it that way and ensure it will always be full of adventures.”

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What are the things involved in your and Arthur’s adjustment?

“There are definitely adjustments but we made sure that we talk about it as a family. One of the things he really worked on was time… because he hardly gets any time alone with me. I always have family mates with me. What’s great is that he understands and has accepted the fact that I need to share my time with everyone.”

Do little things matter, such as…are you happy on your side of the bed?

“Yes! Definitely…on the left (wink!).”

Do you read in bed or watch TV?

“Always on my phone. Hahahaha!!!”

Who prefers lights on and who prefers lights off?

“I sleep with lights on and with TV on. Hahahaha!!!”

Who between you snores and how do you deal with it?

“Luckily, neither of us snores.”

Who wakes up earlier?

“It’s definitely Arthur! Hahaha!!! I’m not a morning person.”

Are there “His” and “Hers” cabinets?

“It has to be that way. Yes, we have! Hahahaha!!! It’s our little secret to a happy marriage.”

…and do you shower together?

“We shower with Archie.”

Did it help that you were friends (and already knew each other) before you got married?

“Knowing each other for quite some time had definitely helped us. We both came prequalified by our mutual friend. Hehehe!!! We have understood the ups and downs of our personalities, discovered new things which helped us realize we wanna be together.”

How are you as a mom?

“I am pretty much very calm which came as a surprise for everyone.”

How has motherhood changed you, if it did?

“It changed me big time! In every single way possible. There is purpose. I feel like I am stronger because there is more reason to everything I do.”

How did you get back in shape after you gave birth (Caesarian or the natural way)?

“Caesarian section. A lot of really hard work to get into CS.”

How did The Belo Clinic help in your effort to get back in shape?

“(Dr.) Vicki (Belo) was my first call when I was desperate! I was falling into such sadness. Though I have been working out, there were really stubborn areas like the arms and abdomen that wouldn’t budge! And the skin became more loose after giving birth. I swear every mom should try and do Thermage Body! It’s so amazing on skin tightening! My other faves are V contour which helped me lose those fats on stubborn areas. It really helped me get back in shape. Thanks to Dra. Vicki for all her help.”

Do you and Arthur like the same food?

“Yes, we do…Korean food and Japanese food.”

Do you work out together (what kind and how often)?

“When we’re together, yes. But Arthur prefers to play rugby as his workout which I can’t really join.”

How soon do you want to have another baby (and how many do you plan to have)?

“I would love to have three children. I just don’t know how to go through that whole journey two more times!”

With husband Arthur Burnand during their wedding in the UK early last year: ‘Motherhood has changed me big time. There is purpose. I feel like I am stronger because there is more reason to everything I do.’

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