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Top Motoring News

Mazda Philippines formalized its support for the Automobile Association Philippines Motor Sports Development Program (AAP MSDP) by turning over a fleet of Mazda2 units to the AAP for use in their training classes.

The Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Company, Ltd., more popularly known as BAIC, is the fourth largest automotive manufacturing group in China.

There was a time in the younger years of my parents, when owning a car was a major status symbol.

Latest Motoring News

Pilipinas Shell recently launched its brand new formulations for its line of premium Shell V-Power fuels.

Want a new car but unsure what model to upgrade to? A compact SUV may just help you make up your mind.

The finest mid-size premium sedan in its class just got a whole lot better!

Purchasing a car, whether it is your first-time or not, is always a new experience. Excitement and anticipation never leaves during stages of selection and preparation; while delight and fulfillment never wanes when finally driving home that dream car of yours. 

Chevrolet invited media to Palo Alto, California, to spend time with the 2017 Chevy Bolt EV, which is GM’s latest electric car. The Bolt EV is the first electric car to win the Car of The Year honors at the North American International Auto Show. It also won Road and Track’s Car of the Year for 2017.

The flag off of this year’s STV Auto Rally Corporate Challenge (ARCC) last Saturday in Subic was done in scourging heat but the actual rally was a lot “hotter”, what with a route stretching a distance of more than a hundred kilometers that was designed to keep each member of the rally crew from the driver, route navigator to the time navigator at their toes all the time lest a checkpoint is missed for an automatic 300 demerits—a virtual “kiss goodbye” to the championship trophy. 

Summer in the Philippines is notorious for heat indexes that reach up to 40-degree Celsius. 

The country’s only print-to-video motoring show moves to an all-new format for its latest season. The Philippine STAR’s Wheels is moving from the confines of television and onto the worldwide web for Season 5.