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 A selfie reveals more than whether it’s a good hair day. Facial lines and contours, droops and dark spots could indicate how well you’re aging, and, when paired with other data, could someday help determine whether you qualify for life insurance.

It’s no secret the workforce is the basic building block and the driving force behind the success of any business venture.

When Mark Zuckerberg set about developing the first Facebook prototype, he intended it initially to connect only a couple of students on his campus.

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Twenty years after Gerry’s Restaurant & Bar first opened at a bustling corner of Tomas Morato in Quezon City, part owner-founder Jerome Ngo looks back with delight at how much has happened since then.

It’s a “feel good” situation when someone is instantly at the end of the line to answer your call. No cold and detached answering machine. No “corporate distance” when the firm seems unreachable.

Managing a hospital is not for the faint-hearted.

Sustainability and energy efficiency are some of the foremost considerations in planning a progressive energy future.

For 24 years, Clark Freeport Zone has been a model of economic growth in Central Luzon. From a former US military base abandoned after the devastating eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991, Clark Freeport Zone rose from the ashes.

Every woman deserves the best things in life, and footwear isn’t an exception. For the longest time, women have been searching for the happy balance between quality and price, for the right reasons.

 Social enterprise The Global Filipino Investors (TGFI) has cited the need to educate the millennial population on financial literacy in order to continue economic growth in the next generation.

A consumer group led by former trade undersecretary Victorio Dimagiba has expressed support to a House bill seeking to provide protection to consumers and merchants engaging in online commerce by penalizing offenders.

Japanese consumer electronics company Panasonic  is celebrating its 50th year in the Philippines and looks forward to an even stronger business in the years to come  amid rising consumer spending in the country.

When the government announced last year its intention to phase out ships aged 35 years old  and above, concern gripped the local shipping industry which perceived the plan as threat to the industry’s wellbeing.