The senior’s checklist

READER’S VIEWS - Henry L. Yu, M.D. (The Freeman) - October 12, 2014 - 12:00am

In celebration of the Senior Citizen's Month, here's a checklist for the seniors in us.

As we are now in this category called the Seniors, having been done with the fast pace of life and living, more or less, we are now...

(  ) Able to do what we love doing when we were younger but didn't have the ways and means.

(  ) Having all the time in the world to enjoy life.

(  ) Having more time to smell the flowers, appreciate the rainbows and bluebirds in the sky.

(  ) Having the pleasure and privilege to share more of our time, talent and treasure.

(  ) Staying home most of the time reading newspapers or listening to the radio.

(  ) Spending our Sunday afternoons at home instead of going out malling.

Now, we...

(  ) No longer are able to withstand prolong walking or standing.

(  ) Easily get hurt from the careless remarks of people younger than us.

(  ) Get sentimental and teary-eyed over trivial matters.

(  ) Smile or cry as we listen to the songs of our time.

(  ) Have our bed time set at 8 p.m. and waking up time at 2 a.m.

(  ) Always say "Ha?" because we could no longer hear clearly what our friends are telling us.

(  ) Have episodic bouts of backaches upon waking up in the morning.

(  ) Experience some joint pains or leg cramps every now and then.

(  ) Wake up suddenly at dawn with some kinds of fear and uncertainty.

(  ) Hear imaginary sounds in our surroundings.

(  ) Look at the mirror and worry about the increasing wrinkles, age spots and the precious and few remaining silvery hair.

(  ) Say "Hi! Hello!" to somebody we meet in the mall but couldn't remember his name.

(  ) Are more regular in attending spiritual talks and seminars.

(  ) Watch old movies on TV as they bring back memories of our youth.

(  ) Text a friend with our eyes one foot away from our cellphone.

(  ) Talk a lot and would want people to listen to our stories.

(  ) Are not so able to distinguish if something happened in real life or in a dream.

(  ) Sometimes are not sure if we have taken our maintenance drugs for our hypertension or diabetes or if we have already put sugar in our coffee.

Now, we cannot remember...

(  ) The person who gave us that gift on our last birthday.

(  ) The name of our helper so we would just say "Day" or "Dong."

(  ) The name of our former classmates when we bump into them in the mall or during class reunion.

(  ) The names of the actors when we watch those teleseryes.

(  ) The title of the song or the name of the singer who sang that old familiar tune.

(  ) Where we placed our eyeglasses or cellphone.

(  ) Where we're going or what we're supposed to do next.

(  ) What we ate for lunch or dinner the other day.

(  ) What we wore to church last Sunday.

(  ) What we did last Christmas, Valentine's, or Holy Week.

(  ) What it was that we would want to ask from a friend because it took him so long to text back.

(  ) What we are supposed to buy in the supermarket.


All these and more... So while we can, let's enjoy each day as it comes along. Life is beautiful.

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