Taking video games to the big screen

Joy Jonette Chuyaco - The Philippine Star

MANILA, Philippines – These past few years, more and more novels, comic-books and TV shows have been turned into movies. Then, there are popular video and computer games adapted into films.

Without a doubt, fans and players of these games are the happiest lot. After all, it’s a dream come true for them to see their favorite video game characters come to life — on the big screen.

Ever wonder which films were originally based on video games? Here they are:

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. The video game gave the impression that women can be as bold and daring as the men are. It even got cooler when they asked Angelina Jolie to take the lead role, Lara Croft.

Street Fighter. One of the most famous video games in the ’90s, Street Fighter is a favorite among youngsters and even some adults. The movie was quite entertaining. With all the acting, character costumes and make-up, the actors almost look as how they were in the game.

DOA: Dead or Alive. What would one expect from this title? Fighting and fighting and more fighting until the end. The game is all about winning a match. The movie, however, has a bit more story. Four lady fighters were supposed to be rivals but they decided to unite and overcome a common enemy.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. The computer-animated science-fiction film is inspired by the video game series of the same title. Just like the game, it is set in the future and the characters fight the evil forces. In the film, the characters try to save the Earth which has been dominated by aliens.

Silent Hill. Based on a survival video game, the movie is about a mother who searches for his “Sleepwalking” daughter who is lost in the mysterious town of Silent Hill. The movie may have changed some details but it still has that video-game feel and suspense that fans enjoy. And the sound of the siren gives you the creeps.

Resident Evil. With five films in the series and a sixth one coming in 2017, Resident Evil (films), although loosely based on the video game, is surely satisfying its fans. In the movie, Alice, together with a few survivors, tries to save the city from becoming a total zombie land.

Mortal Kombat. As the title suggests, the film is all about fighting and winning. The story sees the protagonist searching for the evil man who plans to take over the Earth.

The film can come across too violent for some but others enjoy it as much as they enjoyed playing the game.

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. A prince is hunted down by his brothers after being accused of killing the king, their father. In addition to searching for the truth, he also discovered a powerful weapon that could be deadly if it falls in the wrong hands. Originally a video game, the film adaptation will delight its fans.

Hitman. Both the video game and the film focus on a professional assassin called “Agent 47.” While there may be some differences from video game version, the movie is a real treat for the fans. At last, their favorite “Agent 47” is on the big screen.

Super Mario Bros. Who could ever forget these two brothers who were such a hit, especially during Nintendo’s “Family Computer” days? It was so popular that it inspired TV shows, a major film and other products.

Who’s your favorite brother? It doesn’t matter. Mario and Luigi are both adorable. Note: The game’s tune can get stuck in your head.



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