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A smart way to get rid of rats


Rats are extremely intelligent and adaptable creatures. Although capable of surviving on their own, they have always lived opportunistically with men and took shares from their bounty and produce. They exhaust resources and find means of benefiting for their own good.

With a reputation as grave as their skills, rats have harmful and damaging effects on men and their lives. They destroy about one-fifth of food supplies and other goods every year. They spread plagues and diseases, especially with their excrements.

Their constant gnawing and biting damages not only livelihood but also households. And the worst part of it is that they can breed fast, thus producing more nuisances into your home.

Over the years, several means have been formulated for their eradication. At first, people tried to control them by having tightly lidded metal garbage cans to block all their methods of home entry and by eradicating their shelters and other possible areas of cover.

Then came snap traps, glue boards, zapper traps, and most recently, instant-kill rat poisons — which all proved unsuccessful in the long run.

Instant-kill rat poisons, for one, are only effective for a short-term period. This is because when other rats see the effect that these products have on their fellow rodents, they will eventually try to avoid them.

So what’s the best proven and tested way to eradicate them?

From world-trusted Bayer comes Racumin, so far the most effective product to keep the rat population under control, as it counters “bait shyness.”

The main reason why most rats learn how to “outsmart” other products is that they immediately observe the effect that they have on the poisoned rats.

Racumin’s formulation instead has a delayed killing action; it takes effect after a couple of days so that rats would not know that it was actually the product that killed them. It contains Coumatetralyl, a potent active ingredient that causes these rodents’ demise.

Once rats ingest Racumin, they slowly die of dehydration but appear to do so due to natural causes.  The dehydration that Racumin causes also helps minimize the foul odor that they would emit once they die.

And what’s best about Racumin is that it comes in three forms — tracking powder, ready-made bait, and paste — which are all easy to use. Racumin Tracking Powder can be used as a means of tracking where rats dwell and as an added mixture with other baits.

Racumin Ready-Made Bait, meanwhile, lures them with a highly enticing rice fragrance that cereal-loving rats love. Racumin Paste, on the other hand, is a ready-to-use mixture suitable in dry or damp conditions. It is available in convenient sachets and may be easily placed in areas where rats commonly inhabit.

All Racumin products are powerful because of their concentrated formulation. When it comes to effectiveness, there is no doubt about their success rate in targeting rats. All products are also convenient as they can be used in various situations and difficult conditions and they can eradicate rats — big or small, inside homes or in the garden.

Racumin products also come with strategic benefits as they work both ways in identifying rats’ area of dwelling and attacking them effectively. With products that can be mixed with a range of other bait materials, Racumin is highly economical.

Racumin is available in leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide. For more information on Racumin, call 721-9800 or e-mail [email protected].









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