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Save your sight with laser light

For people with vision problems, glasses or contact lenses seem to be the most cost-efficient solution to sharpen vision. But technology adds a highly effective means to treat a wide range of vision problems — Lasik surgery.

Dr. Gabriel Juan Heredia, senior eye surgeon at the Lasik Surgey Clinic (LSC), explains that in the long-run, the cost of Lasik surgery matches the long-term usage of glasses or contact lenses.

“Lasik surgery brings changes in lifestyle and well-being. In the long run, the patient is spared from the cost of glasses or contact lens. If you compute the P50,000 with the many years that you wear glasses or contact lenses, the amount is not even enough for what has been spent and will still be spent in the future,” says Heredia.

There are several misconceptions about Lasik surgery: that it is painful, it takes a long time, and is dangerous. The eye surgeon debunks these misconceptions. “We want to inform our patients that Lasik surgery is a very safe procedure. Being a surgical procedure, there are risks involved, but we follow the protocols and use state-of-the-art, modern, and updated machines to minimize the risks,” he explains. “So far, our patients are very happy. We make sure that we deliver quality service. We plan the surgery well.”

Lasik surgery unmasked

Lasik surgery is an outpatient procedure done while the patient is awake. The anesthesia is purely topical, no need for dreaded needles or IV anesthesia. Sometimes, a mild oral sedation may be required.

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“It is a very fast procedure that takes about seven minutes per eye. The patient will feel just a little pressure. We place an instrument to expose the eye. Then we make a flap, using a machine we call microkeratome, after which the laser will now reshape the cornea according to grade. It usually takes 20 to 50 seconds, depending on the grade,” Heredia describes. “Then we return the flap and immediately after, healing follows. The next day, the patient should see 20-20.”

Permanent treatment

Lasik surgery targets to bring back the patient’s 20-20 vision, and for this sharp eyesight to remain for the next years to come.

“This is a permanent treatment. The patient should be free from contact lenses or glasses for the next years. The target is to achieve 20-20 vision. And in 98 percent of our patients, we achieve that. Some will take a little longer, some may need some fine-tuning, but in general, they are very happy, compared to how they were before with glasses,” Heredia asserts.

The eye surgeon further explains that laser is for everyone who prefers the treatment, even those with low grade.

“The lowest grade I have done is myopia of 100. There are patients who simply don’t want to wear glasses — they want clear vision, without glasses.”

He adds, “LSC Philippines is steadily becoming one of the more popular Lasik centers in the country, even after just two years. This is because we deliver quality results. We have done about 1,500 eye surgeries.”

Gift of sight

The Lasik Surgery Clinic is currently conducting a campaign against poor vision.

“Especially here in the Philippines, we have many less fortunate who cannot afford glasses. We appeal to our Lasik patients to donate their glasses. We want to make the public aware that our centers are willing to accept any kind of corrective glasses in good condition,” says Heredia.

LSC Philippines targets to collect one million glasses in a year. These glasses will be donated to the less fortunate through a medical mission.

“I’m sure a lot of people have glasses hidden in their drawers and cabinets just collecting dust. Especially this Christmas season, this is one way of helping the less fortunate,” urges Heredia

The Lasik Surgery Clinic

The Lasik Surgery Clinic is the Philippine branch of Singapore’s largest dedicated Lasik Surgery Clinic. It has branches in De Los Santos-STI MegaClinic in Megamall, Mandaluyong City and Asian Hospital and Medical Center in Alabang, Muntinlupa City. LSC Philippines recently added another clinic in the north: Angeles University Foundation Medical Center, Angeles City, Pampanga.

LSC Philippines specializes in laser refractive surgery through Lasik and Epi-Lasik. The clinic uses only the most trusted excimer laser worldwide, the VISX Star S4 with Iris Registration, which is capable of performing precise Lasik treatments that are customized to suit the needs of each patient.

LSC also offers comprehensive eye examination, computerized refraction, and advanced cataract surgery. Its subspecialties are glaucoma, vitro retina surgery, lacrimal oculopathy, pediatric ophthalmology, cornea and external diseases.

For more information call 635-2745 and mobile number 0922-8352745 for the Megaclinic branch; or telephone numbers 986-5775 and 771-9000 local 8096, and mobile number 0922-8952745 for the Asian Hospital and Medical Center branch; or (045) 625-5555 and mobile number 0922-8252020 for Angeles University Foundation Medical Center branch. Visit

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