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Security pact on schools drafted

Following the series of fraternity related violent incidents in Metro Manila
schools, the National Capital Region Police Office yesterday drafted in Camp
Crame a security arrangement with various metro school officials.

NCRPO director Chief Superintendent Edgar Aglipay said that the draft agreement
seeks to provide better police support to the security personnel employed by
private colleges and universities.

Noticeably absent from the meeting were top officials of the University of the
Philippines in Diliman. The university was represented by Florendo Alejo, who
represented the UP Police.

At about 8:30 pm. last Thursday, Daniel Reyes, a third year UP Civil
Engineering student, and a member of the Alpha Phi Beta fraternity, was stabbed
to death by suspected member of the rival Sigma Rho fraternity inside the

"The purpose of the meeting was to have a formal agreement that will formalize
the cooperation between the police and the school authorities with regards to
the security of the campuses, especially in preventing crimes," Aglipay

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Aglipay said that during the meeting, a number of the school officials present
have expressed their willingness to allow the presence of uniformed policemen
in their campuses.

In addition, the NCRPO and the various school officials also placed under
serious study a four point proposal by the police to improve security inside
and outside campuses.

Under the proposal, policeman will include campuses in their daily beat
patrols. Policemen will also be required to sign the school's security logbook
everyday and confer with guards. In addition, policemen will also hold regular
security conferences with school officials and will be ready to assist school
security personnel during fraternity rumbles.

"Because of academic freedom, the security in school campuses is provided by
private security guards. At present, we can only come in upon the request of
school authorities. That is why we need a formal cooperation. So that in times
when they need police support, we can immediately provide it," he said.

"According to the proposed agreement, we have to inform them (school officials)
of our entry to the campus before, during and after the police operation,"
Aglipay added.

It will be recalled that Aglipay called on all metro school authorities to
attend the consultative meeting following the grenade throwing incident at the
Technological Institute of the Philippines in Quezon City wherein a student
was killed.

The incident was later traced by police to a bitter rivalry between the
Samahang Ilokano and the Batangas Varsitarian fraternities.

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