Invocations to guardian angels of home, of birth and of healing

A POINT OF AWARENESS - Preciosa S. Soliven (The Philippine Star) - December 5, 2013 - 12:00am

(Part IV of Angels Are Real)

We are currently in the rising of the third great wave of angels. The first was in biblical times, when they only appeared to the occasional prophet or patriarch. The second was during the medieval period and they came mostly to the saints and seers. Wave three began to gather in the 18th and 19th centuries.

It is now, in this third wave, that the angels are reaching out to each and everyone of us, according to Andrew Ramer’s angel Abigrael.

Author’s account of meeting his angel

It was one night in 1982 when a seven-foot angel with golden hair, golden eyes and enormous golden wings appeared to Andrew Ramer, author of Ask Your Angels and Angel Answers. For several weeks, the angel called Gabriel spoke to him, helping him remember that angels have been speaking to him since childhood.

The following year, his own guardian angel and companion, Sargolais, came into Andrew’s life “comforting, supporting, encouraging… more intimate than a lover, more constant than a teacher.” Shortly afterwards, he met Timothy Wyllie and Alma Daniel, who were also talking to angels and teaching others how to. The three co-authored Ask Your Angels.

The constant guidance of Sargolais and other angels resulted in the accumulation of messages, which filled up seven years of pads, computer disks, and 23 volumes of personal journals.

When Sargolais suggested that he put together the messages, Andrew was mad. First, he would have to sort out the messages directed to everyone from those only for him. Then, he would have to copy everything to the computer. Andrew calculated that it would take six months at least to work everything out.

Yet it took only three weeks of easy and joyful work. “Each section fell into place. And I can still hear the angels’ delicious laughter – when I realized that they had been writing this book all along,” Andrew recalled.

Prayers to open the doors to your angels’ love

The special divisions of angel hosts with whom cooperation should be immediately established are listed below with special invocations. Pray them before your Angel Center (refer to Part II ‘Building bridges between angels and men’ - Nov. 21, 2013) at home and at your places of work.

The Angels of Power

The Angels of Power will teach men to release the deeper levels of spiritual energy latent within them, inspire and charge every human activity with that fiery and resistless energy, their most prominent characteristic. They are present at every religious ceremony.

The Guardian Angels of the Home

The Guardian Angels love the homely ways of men, they desire to share the hours of labor and of ease; they love children and their play, and all the happy atmosphere of the home.

To all whose hearts and homes are open to them, they would gladly come, bringing many blessings from on high – blessings of harmony and love.

Morning invocation to the Guardian devas of the Home

Hail, Guardian Angels of the Home!

Come to our aid, share with us our work and play.

Be with us that we may hear your wings. And feel your breath upon our cheek;

Come close, and sense our human love.

Take our hands in yours, lift us for a while from the burden of this flesh.

Grant us to share with you your wondrous freedom throughout space.

Your vivid life in sunlit air, your great intensity of joy, your unity with life.

Invocation to the Angels of the Healing Art

Hail, devas of the Healing Art! Come to our aid.

Pour forth your healing life into this… (place or person).

Let every cell be charged anew with vital force.

To every nerve give peace. Let tortured sense be soothed.

May this rising tide of life set every limb aglow,

As, by your healing power, both soul and body are restored.

The Angels of Birth

The Building Angels guide growth in every world, and shaping it according to the law, seek ever to improve, to perfect and inspire. Each immortal spark which finds birth in worlds of thought, of feeling and of flesh, and growing, becomes man, owes all its vehicles, or bodies, to the angel builders; so also do every gem, every plant, every animal, every globe, and every universe.

It is lack of recognition of their place and aid that has made childbirth in later times a period of agony or death.

Invocation to the Angels of Birth

Hail, devic hosts who build! Come to our aid; help in this new birth into the world of men.

Strength the mother in her pain;

And send your gracious angels to attend the bed of birth,

And usher in the dawn of this new life.

Give to the coming child the blessing of our Lord.

The Queen of Angels, defender of womanhood


These angels who build man, have as their Queen, a Holy One, who won freedom from the burden of the flesh, and ascending joined the Angel Hosts. She labors ever for the cause of human motherhood.

She is, even now, bending all her mighty strength and calling all her Angel Court to labor for the upliftment of womanhood throughout the world. Through her angel messengers, She Herself is present at every human birth, unseen and unknown, it is true, but if men would but open their eyes, she would be revealed.

She sends this message through the brotherhood to men:

“In the Name of Him whom long ago I bore, I come to your aid. I have taken every woman into my heart, to hold there a part of her that through it I may help in her time of need.

“Uplift the woman of your race till all are seen as queens, and to such queens let every man be as a king, that each may honor each, seeing the other’s royalty. Let every home, however small, become a court, every son a knight, every child a page.”

“Let all treat all with chivalry, honoring in each their royal parentage, their kingly birth; for there is royal blood in every man; all are the children of the King.”

The Angels of Nature

The Nature Angels are widely distributed, each dwelling and working in his own element. They range from brownie, elf and fairy sprite, through undine and sylph, to the creatures of the fire. The angels of nature are to be found everywhere around men’s haunts, in tree, in flower, in stone, in cloud, ensouling every form.

The growth of crops, of fruit and flowers, is under their control. It is they who bring, when men so live as to create them, earthquake and storm and flood. If humanity would invoke their aid, they might learn from them how all the moods and products of nature may be controlled. The climate and the weather of the world answer to law; salamander, undine and sylph of storm are but the agents of the law.

Religions of the East address them more than personal guardian angels. In India, for example, the pitarah are household deities some what like guardian spirits, who make sure the home is protected from illness, famine, drought, or other disasters. Among the Pueblo peoples of the American Southwest, the kachina is guiding, beneficent life spirit, while a wajima to the Australian aboriginal is nearer to a spirit ancestor.

Invocation to the Angels of Nature

Hail, devas of the earth and sky! Come to our aid.

Give the fertility to our fields, give life to all our seeds,

That this earth may be fruitful.

To wrap up the daily cooperation with your angels, you may say the following prayer:

Evening invocation of thanksgiving to angels

May blessings from above flow forth and beautify the human love, which we in gratitude pour forth to you, our angel helpers of this day.

We crave this night your guardianship for all,

Be with the young, the aged, and the sick;

Surround their beds with wings of light and peace,

Cherish them, we pray, until the dawn…

Night gathers to its close our earthly day, and now we gather here, our angel guest,

To offer thee our love and gratitude; to thank thee for thy service.

The angels send their love and greeting to you

Geoffrey Hodson in 1927 analyzed that the time approaches when the angels will no longer remain invisible to men, for as men throws open their worlds to them this time has come!

The angels send their love and greeting to men, holding out their hands in fellowship, as bidden by the Lord. They say, “He comes, and we, his servants, bear His messages of brotherhood and love, Be of the same mind, one with another, for there is but one life, boundless and inexhaustible, which is the very essence of you all. Go to the children of men, draw close so them once more that those days may be brought back again when angels walked with men. Do this, it is the Will of God.”

(Last Part – The School Angel’s Motto “Ad Dolore, Ad Gloriam”)

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