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JUST BE - Bernadette Sembrano (The Philippine Star) - September 15, 2014 - 12:00am

Perhaps it goes with the territory that women in the broadcast industry are headstrong and assertive. They have strong convictions on what they are passionate about. They are unapologetic in their views.

When I watch them on TV, I think to myself, “These women are a complete package — intelli- gent, compassionate, beautiful and vibrant.”

I’m talking about Korina Sanchez, Ces Drilon, Karen Davila, Pinky Webb and Dyan Castillejo. They are all on top of their game, and yet, they have all managed to look fabulous.

Borne out of my own curiosity, I asked them their secrets to keeping fit and looking good. Ap- parently, it was no secret at all. They were only too generous to share their fitness and diet regimen with me.

Before I started writing this column, I thought I was a fitness addict. Apparently, my workout is not an exception but the norm of most of the fe- male anchors of ABS-CBN: Work out at least three times a week and eat well.

Read on and hopefully you will be inspired to live a healthier life. I also included my workout for those who want to know.

Korina Sanchez-Roxas — “I lost 15 lbs. in three weeks with the Cohen Diet. You can’t exercise while on a diet. Now, I’m back on my physical activities that include running three kilometers twice a week (that’s run and walk alternating), weight training circuit and yoga once a week. I have weights at home which I try to do every day though. I have a dumbbell in the car so I can tone my arms when I’m stuck in traffic.

“I’m off the diet now but I go back to it when- ever I gain more than two pounds. Otherwise, I just stay away from carbs and sugar. I’m much less of a meat eater now, too. I’m diligent with my supplements and I believe in drinking two liters of water a day and getting eight hours of sleep.

“Much in life is beyond my control. But certain- ly my weight, health and wellness are under my control. If I can’t manage that, then I am a failure. Failure is not an option.”

Ces Oreña-Drilon — “My diet and workout regimen is under the guidance of Edward Men- dez (@truedreambody on Instagram and author of the book Your Dream Body Come True). I eat every three hours. This is to help drive my body’s me- tabolism. Each meal has a combination of protein (about the size of your palm) and carb (about

a fist in size). If on the go, I eat a protein bar or have a shake. Skipping meals are a no-no! I do the treadmill thrice a week for 23 minutes using the Sprinters’ technique. I swim twice a week and lift weights thrice a week. I’ll be marking my first year with my exercise regimen in November, although I was into swimming about a year and a half ago. I intend to make fitness a lifetime commitment.”

Karen Davila — “I try and work out at least thrice a week with a personal trainer. It is a mix of strength training and cardio. For strength train- ing, I use weights, machines, kettle balls and body weight. I love drop sets as I feel the burn more. It’s hard for me to work out without a trainer because I love the attention to form and encouragement.

“Food is a major thing. In the morning, I take protein shake and egg whites, eat more fish and vegetables. I don’t touch white rice, bread or pasta anymore. I love dark chocolates. I’ve discov- ered protein bars. Questbars are my favorite and I live off them during the day. It helps curb my cravings for sweets while providing me the protein I need. With dinner, I barely have anything. I’m not yet where I want to be but I have to say I feel healthy and much stronger now.

“Be healthy not just for yourself but for the people you love. True wealth is health!”

Pinky Webb — “I usually work out five times a week. It is a combina- tion of weight lifting, running and an online workout that I do at home. I try to incorporate different workouts so I can ‘shock’ my body. Weight lifting, according to my coach, is necessary to gain muscle and lose fat. Cardio exercises are also a must.

“Regarding my diet, I don’t re- ally eat very healthy food although I avoid sugar, desserts and soda. I have four meals a day, which include a protein shake. I’m a rice eater, but I shifted from the normal white rice to basmati rice as it has a low glycemic index (GI). I still have a long way to go but I hope that this regimen will eventually get me in shape in due time.” Dyan Castillejo — “I usually change

my workout every couple of months to give my body a different challenge. Right now, my routine is thrice a week — one-

hour swim workout, body weight exercises, plyo- metrics and weight training with light weights. Every day, I do 10-minute stretching. Bike/Ellipti- cal (20-30 minutes, thrice a week) and TRX work- out (20 minutes, twice a week).

“My belief is the eating part is 50 percent of the game. You must eat healthy to see best results from workout, especially if you are over 40.”

Dyan’s eating principles:

“Focus on eating healthy and the pounds will drop. The mindset should be eating to make your body strong, vibrant and full of energy, not just to be skinny. Being thin but weak is not cool. Strong, healthy and toned are the way to go.

“Focus on all the wonderful nutritious food you can eat and not what you can’t. I drink fruit/veg- gie/protein shake every day after workout. I drink wheatgrass twice a day. I eat fish and eggs four times a week.

“Don’t starve yourself. Bring food with you to work so you do purposeful eating. Eat small fre- quent meals.

“Eat less carbs at night. Have a piece of cake, don’t eat the whole cake and a scoop of ice cream not a pint. If you pig out on a buffet today, be good the next day.”

(Check out DYANFIT workouts and food reci- pes at DYANCASTILLEJO.COM.)

I’ve been changing my workout since I started four years ago. The formula for me is strength and muscular endurance, cardio and flexibility.

For strength, I do Plana Forma classes, two to three times a week. It is ideal to strengthen the core and thigh for maximum burn. It also helps improve my posture which I need badly. I do car- dio twice a week. I either take body combat classes focusing on my upper body or use the elliptical machine in the gym if my schedule is tight. I will try to get into swimming again. For flexibility, I do yoga twice a week to balance my restless mind and energy.

I don’t have a personal trainer but our Plana For- ma instructors are very particular with form. I have a workout buddy, Paulene. We motivate and keep an eye on each other to eat better. It’s much easier to keep a healthy lifestyle when you are surrounded by people who have healthy habits and goals.

I also have meals delivered by @thehappydiet. I don’t want to lose weight but simply to eat real food: Less salt, sugar and fat. I snack on peanuts, yoghurt, soy milk and baked camote chips. I take Doc Tam’s Live Green as regular supplement and his Miracle Tea for detox. I try to drink more wa- ter, too.

I keep in mind the saying “Savor not devour” to change my attitude towards food.

“What does not challenge you, won’t change you,” to quote my instructors in Plana Forma. To quote @women_fit, “Don’t compare your

results to someone else’s. You can never be another person. You can only be the better version of your- self.”

We have our own routines and that’s what’s great about working out — you find what’s good for you and commit to a better lifestyle. It’s beyond skin deep but about loving yourself and the people around you. We choose healthy because in doing so, we are able to get more out of life.

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