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Live big with a bigger, faster and modern Globe network

Globe Telecom president and CEO Ernest Cu announces during a recent launch the company’s biggest network modernization rollout, which will utilize modern and future-proof technologies and will give its customers a more stable and reliable network coverage.

MANILA, Philippines - Crystal-clear calls, text messages sent and received in one go, zero buffering while doing multimedia content downloading on your mobile phone. Experience these even during peak hours or traffic-heavy occasions. Sounds like a dream?

Not anymore. Globe embarks on its biggest network modernization rollout since it launched the GSM throughout the country. Bigger capacity, wider 3G coverage, HSPA+ enabled and LTE ready to take Globe subscribers to the next frontier of mobile telephony services.

Globe takes superior customer experience to a new level with its biggest and most massive network modernization program, utilizing the most modern network technologies, providing subscribers with greater reliability, resiliency and network quality wherever they are and whatever time of day.

Gaining inroads in the market with better products and services, Globe said its customers have acquired a growing sophistication and appetite for richer and bandwidth-heavy services that require bigger capacity and faster connectivity.

These new demands, along with basic SMS and voice services, need higher network capacity and capabilities in a scale and intensity that challenges its existing network’s capabilities.

With this initiative, say goodbye to prompts like “Message sending failed” or “Unable to establish call connection.” The Globe mobile network will be re-planned and re-tooled with intelligent capabilities to ensure that Filipinos are connected all the time through their mobile phone.  

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Service quality means a wider 3G footprint covering the entire Philippine archipelago, with boosted signals that are consistent and stable and no dropped calls — an experience replicated wherever you are in the country. More than this, future technologies like HSPA+ and LTE can be fired up anytime with growing demand.

Worried about intermittent access to basic text and call services during weather disturbances? Don’t let bad weather get you down. The modern Globe network doubles up the use of fiber optics than it has today, making it more resilient to weather disturbances. It is optimized to make services available even during prolonged commercial power outages during disasters so subscribers will experience uninterrupted connectivity at the most critical times.

Aside from a Globe network being more resilient, the program will also enable the company’s technical groups deployed nationwide to respond to network-related issues more quickly regardless of location, and efficiently address them at a much faster pace, ensuring service availability at the soonest time possible.

“The network transformation program is definitely another milestone for Globe. The key to delivering quality products and services is having a strong, reliable and solid network infrastructure,” said Robert Tan, chief technical adviser of Globe.

“With this modernization program in place, we are evolving to become a multi-service network enabling different platforms while keeping our customers always connected with Globe,” added Tan.

Globe invested $790 million to support the project over the next five years, with the rollout expected to be completed within two to three years.

Globe subscribers once again find themselves at the forefront of the Philippine telecommunications landscape. It’s like having your own network in your hands. Live big your way, only from Globe.

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