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Renowned international trainer shares effective weight loss tips

Samantha Clayton during the Herbalife Wellness tour at the SMX Convention in Pasay last October 19.
MANILA, Philippines — If you're looking to get rid of those excess fat in your belly, or you just want to maintain your figure for the upcoming holiday season, here's a tip: don't starve yourself.
Former Olympian and prominent personal trainer Samantha Clayton was in the country last week for Herbalife's wellness tour, and she debunked a few of weight loss myths.
"When people starve themselves into getting in shape, it's the worst thing you can do to your body," Clayton said.
"Yes, of course you're going to lose weight but the damage you could be doing to your body by depriving it of the nutrients long term is not worth the goal of becoming skinnier," she added. 
Instead, Clayton suggested portion control as the firt step for eating healthy.
"The size of your palm is a serving size of most things you can have except for vegetables where you want more (servings)," she continued. 
The other misconception that she addressed is that doing cardio exercises alone will result to a faster weight loss.
"Doing a mixture of cardio with weight training is the most effective (way to lose weight)," Clayton said.
The former track and field star also said that ladies should not be afraid of lifting weights because they fear they might get bulky.
"When you lift weights, you can build muscle but it's actually difficult for the average person to become bulky from (just) lifting weights."
Clayton represented Great Britain in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. She is also a personal trainer and group exercise coach and has worked with football star Cristiano Ronaldo and the LA Galaxy.
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