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Marquez asking for $20 million?

Juan Manuel Marquez

CEBU CITY, Philippines – Juan Manuel Marquez is said to be asking $20 million – yes, it’s no typo error – for him to face Manny Pacquiao for a fifth time.

The Mexican fighter is still on cloud nine following his devastating sixth-round knockout of Pacquiao last December at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

No wonder he’s asking as much just to do it again with Pacquiao.

Mexican newspaper Esto yesterday reported that Marquez has asked his promoter, Fernando Beltran of Zanfer Promotions, to seek the best deal possible with Top Rank’s Bob Arum.

Marquez was supposed to meet Arum last week, but the boxer who will turn 40 in August had asked for a postponement.

It was not confirmed if the meeting took place yesterday but Esto reported that Marquez wants $20 million for a fifth fight.

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The report also said the fight could take place either in November or December, and not September as Arum had earlier hoped.

Marquez was guaranteed $6 million and Pacquiao $23 million for their last fight. Of course, the Mexican wants more this time.

“It may be too much for him to ask for $20 million. But maybe that’s just an initial figure in order to get the negotiations going. He may end up settling for half of that,” said a source.

A couple of weeks ago, Marquez said there’s no more need for him to face Pacquiao a fifth time because he had already “achieved the result” he wanted.

However, money talks in boxing.

It seems that Marquez wants to fight someone else in the next few months before taking on Pacquiao by the end of the year. Among those being considered as Marquez’ next opponent are Brandon Rios or Timothy Bradley.

Pacquiao, who looked on the verge of stopping Marquez when he got caught by a powerful right straight to the chin with only a second left in the sixth round, is still weighing his options.

The Filipino superstar had wanted to do a tuneup fight this April in Manila before he tries to avenge his loss to Marquez in September.

Pacquiao no longer wants to fight in the United States because of high taxes. Being considered as possible venues for his next fight are Manila, Macau, Singapore, Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

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