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Starting the year right at Mayfield Park Residences

As 2007 begins, we hope anew for a better tomorrow for us and for our family. We live in a modern world where very often human contacts even with our loved ones are forsaken because of the stresses and demands of the workaday world.

But what parent does not want a closer relationship with their children? Ample time to bond and connect with the people who are most important to them, plenty of opportunity to steer their children in the right direction, and peace of mind knowing that their family is safe and secure in their home and community.

This year, certainly many working dads and moms are hoping they could start the year right by spending lots of quality time with their family.

One of DMCI Homes’ prime developments, Mayfield Park Residences in Pasig City knows this all too well. DMCI Homes considered the needs and wants of the family and created a family-friendly community that values togetherness, safety and serenity.

With Mayfield Park Residences’ numerous resort-type amenities and features, it’s like taking your family on a vacation at a resort and staying 365 days a year.

According to DMCI Homes Managing Director Engr. Alfredo R. Austria, Mayfield Park Residences was an open lot several years ago. It was used as a motor pool and warehouse by DMCI Construction and it was only two years ago that they decided to develop the place.

Engr. Austria said that they thought of using an Asian-Japanese theme in Mayfield Park Residences to convey an atmosphere of peace and serenity for its future residents.

The team got an approval and from then it was full steam ahead for Mayfield Park Residences. He wanted Mayfield Park Residences to convey peace and serenity.

He explains the Asian concept, "it’s peaceful and tranquil, you are in a Zen environment that is simple, so you will be at peace. We did away with loud colors because we know that your home should be a respite from all the confusion outside."

The buildings reflected earth tones and were crafted in sleek lines to suggest a place that is primarily for the residents’ rest and relaxation.

Mayfield Park Residences sits in a 3.2-hectare lot but with the way the buildings were laid out, it feels so much more than three hectares. The architects really maximized the space so that there are enough open spaces to help make the residents not feel hemmed in by the confines of condominium living. In fact, 60% of the total land area is allocated for gardens, koi ponds and wide open spaces.

There are nine buildings in all whimsically named after exotic locations in Asia: Sentosa, Mandala, Seoul, Nagoya, Mallaca, Kyoto, Istana, Daroma and Asiana. If the names of the buildings alone do not evoke an Oriental vibe, the beautifully designed clubhouse complete with a small bridge over a koi pond would surely hit the point home.

The clubhouse and the surrounding area is really one of the things that make Mayfield Park Residences special. Engr. Austria enumerates, "Right now, it has a large common area. This area by the pool is around 4,000 square meters which is rather spacious."

He also emphasized the conveniences of condominium living as opposed to building a home in a subdivision. Subdivision are a dime a dozen in that area of Pasig City and other surrounding municipalities. Being a builder himself, Engr. Austria is fully aware how stressful and demanding building a house on a lot is and he asserts that a fuss-free lifestyle is available at Mayfield Park Residences.

The security provided in Mayfield Park Residences is also an advantage to the residents, Engr. Austria states. "Your safety is not entirely secured in a subdivision because of its size. It’s really hard to post enough guards to cover the entire area and there are security risks because of this. Here, the residents are highly secured for 24 hours." Residents are given round the clock security to ensure their safety and privacy.

For further inquiries about Mayfield Park Residences please call our hotline at 888-3333 or visit

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