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Money more than love makes people support the Abu Sayyaf, according to a leader of the Moro National Liberation Front. Probers of the Philippine National Police are exploring this, among other angles, as they delve into the background of PNP Superintendent Maria Cristina Nobleza, who was arrested on Saturday in connection with an Abu Sayyaf kidnapping plot in Bohol.


Two analyses, from China’s and the Philippine standpoints, explain the sea disputes.


As luck would have it, the revolving chairmanship of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations fell on the Philippines on the 50th year since the bloc was established.

For this purpose, a tax amnesty program would be legislated "to clear up all tax cases" of the BIR.

In some cases, there may be an eyewitness to a crime who can testify directly on what happened at the crime scene. Usually however, the crime is committed in a dark place so the person committing the crime may not be easily identified.

The “issue” or “controversy” over government rice importations should simply be a Presidential decision or part of government policy. But weeks after President Duterte made the decision, it would “seem as if” there was a brewing controversy where the National Food Administration (NFA) and not President Duterte is being made to appear like the big bad wolf or criminal in government.