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The National Economic and Development Authority, according to reports, is set to approve this month nine flagship projects with a combined cost of P738 billion. NEDA officials said the projects are mostly transportation-related, including airports, railways and a subway in Metro Manila. The public can only hope that the projects will move beyond the drawing board.


I was surprised to see here last Sunday the priest raising a simple wine glass instead of the usual golden chalice after using it in the consecration, the high point in the mass when bread and wine became the body and blood of Christ.

The year 2016 has brought answers to two key questions regarding the off -label use of intravenous ketamine in patients with treatment resistant depression: What’s the optimal dosing schedule! And what’s the likely mechanism of benefit?

Recently, a person came to my office for consultation after her adjustment of status application (based on marriage to a US citizen) was denied due to fraud. She had entered the US on a transit visa (C-1), but was not a crewman. Therefore, she was otherwise eligible to adjust status.

It’s unbelievable that time has quickly gone by. After one year in office, President Duterte continues to enjoy the highest trust and confidence rating ever given by Filipinos to a president. Despite his colorful, off-the-cuff remarks which often drive criticism from his detractors here and abroad, no one can argue that his popularity continues to be high.

Rising temperatures which cause not just heat waves but alarming weather patterns, terrorist attacks calculated to instill fear and hate, random acts of violence which challenge our faith in humanity, political upheavals which make us ask if we have learned anything at all from history – you can probably add more to this list of doom and gloom just reading the past week’s headlines. Maybe the seemingly endless spate of bad news coming down on us was what spurred a lector in a parish where I help out to just blurt out (a few minutes before Mass began), “What is happening to the world?”

Some good has come out of ISIS messing around in Mindanao. It was found out that the porous borders between the archipelagos of Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines are both boon and bane to its peoples.

The Marawi siege was originally perceived by most Filipinos as a purely local terrorist act. The entry of American and Australian assistance, however, is evidence that this blatant act of terrorism must have some international character. It would seem that there is an attempt by the Maute  and other terrorist groups to become part of a worldwide jihadist movement.