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Suspect in drug trade gunned down

MANILA, Philippines – A man, who was allegedly involved in the illegal drug trade, was gunned down in Quezon City before dawn yesterday in what could be a botched drug deal.  

Suspect Renato Villagracia, 49, of Barangay Culiat, died on the spot because of nine gunshot wounds he sustained.

Case investigator Police Officer 3 Joseph Madrid said the killing happened at around 2 a.m. yesterday. Madrid said they suspected there were at least two gunmen armed with .38 caliber revolvers since there was no empty shell recovered from the site. The said revolver can hold only six bullets at a time.

Witnesses told the police that Villagracia was talking with an unidentified man in front of a bakeshop when they had a heated argument that led to the shooting of the victim. Madrid said the killing may have been related to a botched narcotics transaction. According to the investigator, the victim’s daughter told them that Villagracia had been coming to the area because of the illegal drug trade that he was reportedly engaged in. – Rainier Padua     

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