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A flip-flop party in Cebu

Aimil Sarmiento and Leanne Florendo

The use of must-have flip-flops as island beach or great outdoor wear, has spread through much of the world. They are known as jandals in New Zealand, chappals in India and Pakistan, thongs in Australia and Canada, slip-slops in South Africa, go-aheads in the South Pacific, and  chancletas in Spain. In the Philippines they are simply called Havaianas.

The leading Brazilian flip-flop brand recently hosted an urban beach party, believe it or not, right in the center of town. Formo, the sterling hang out for fun party couples and young aspiring executives, was transformed into a paradisiacal oasis with all the essential elements of summer like palm trees, sand sculptures, and tropical treats.

Percussion and drumbeaters of Tribo Manila took to the stage and set the mood for all-night dancing and merrymaking for Cebu’s Havaianaticos. To complement the visually arresting interiors, which were accented by chic lounge furniture brought in for the occasion by Detalia Aurora, an exclusive menu of gastronomic delights was developed by Formo’s Kristine dela Riva Kokseng and consultant chef Lor Torres.

Guests savored the coconut-coated squid rings with mango dressing, baked baby tomato stuffed with sweet spicy chorizo and cheese topped with pesto, asparagus wrapped with grilled eggplant drizzled with sour cream and garlic shrimp crostinis.

The Havaianas trademark cocktails for the evening were luscious lychee and mango mojitos, which flowed as freely as the lively conversations.

To add to the festivities an awesome Capoiera, an Afro-Brazilian art form that combines the elements of martial arts and dances was performed by the group of Asia Pacific champion Jensen Go Chow and two masters visiting from Rio de Janeiro.

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As a special treat, everyone brought home the coveted inflatable flip flop rafts which are exclusively distributed by Havaianas.

Stylish head turner Aimil Sarmiento and bubbly Leanne Florendo of A.L. Amizade Marketing, are the exclusive sub-distributors of Havaianas in Central and Eastern Visayas.

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