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Birthdays galore

Pilar Rosello Zaragoza proudly celebrated her birthday at the Manila Polo Club with family and close friends.

Everyone enjoyed the opera theme that started with Cocoy Laurel and Jenine Desiderio singing Broadway hits to Club Mwah’s eye-popping entertainers who can certainly put Las Vegas shows to shame.

The special event was organized by Pilar’s handsome sons and beautiful daughters (which included two former Miss Philippines, Charina Zaragoza and daughter-in-law Yogi Dominguez Zaragoza).  Even the current generation of granddaughters can win a number of titles if they ever join the beauty race.

The highlight of the evening was the Ocho Ocho dance by her whole brood — from her grown children (some of them are already abuelas and abuelos but still youthful) down to her great grandchildren.  It was an apt production number as ocho ocho is the exact number of years that Pilar has been a blessing on this earth.

  Good looks not only run in Pilar’s genes but she is a renowned interior designer in her own right and was part of a team with her husband, architectural stalwart Jose Maria V. Zaragoza.  One of their outstanding projects was the Meralco Theater, which featured intensive wood panels and textures, in the 1960s.

For more on this wonderful couple, there is a coffee table book titled Jose Maria V. Zaragoza:  Architecture For God, For Man lovingly written by his daughter Loudette Z. Banson and Ruben Defeo. Published by Art PostAsia, the book is available in bookstores nationwide and also at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

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Jose Maria V. Zaragoza:   Architecture For God, For Man published by ArtPostAsia

The ever-gracious Nene Leonor hosted a birthday bash for Governor Chavit Singson and her long-time friends Ambassador Philippe and Edna Lhuillier who were her tennis mates decades ago at the Manila Polo Club.

Held in her Pasay City home, the dinner reminded me of days when most parties and events were held in one’s house and garden instead of a big hall or hotel.    

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Marissa Fenton and Paqui Ortigas celebrated their birthdays with an intimate gathering of good friends in a private home.  I noticed that enjoying each other’s company is important in lowering the stress level and improving our lifespan.  Scientific studies now show that social interaction is as important as taking vitamins and medications to live longer and better.  

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